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  • A common cause of death in Germany it’s stroke
  • A long-term study revealed that a sleep attack does not predict years in advance leaves
  • Some embarrassed also plays a role
  • recognize a stroke? This is how you trade Emergency

Strokes are one of them. most common causes of death in Germany. Early detection can save lives. They are also often the main cause of disabled and disability adulthood. Estimates of medical journal according to this, up to 270,000 people suffer a stroke in Germany every year.

Long-Term Stroke Study: Surprising New Findings

A Dutch study now gives hope. It states that ten years in advance it can be seen whether a person will suffer a stroke. The experts published their results in Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry.

For nearly 30 years, a research team from the Erasmus MC University in Rotterdam has been studying in a long-term study 14,712 people. They graduated between 1990 and 2016 mental and physical testswho have analyzed memory, fluency or reaction times. Additionally, people should personal skills in daily tasks such as laundry, cooking, cleaning and managing finances.

During the study period, 1662 people suffered a stroke. Up to ten years before the stroke, these people had much worse brain performance cognitive test than for his age usual. Nearly two to three years before the illness, there was also a negative trend in carrying out daily things.

Result: Measurable stroke risk 10 years in advance

“Accelerated decline in cognition and daily functioning before stroke suggests that people with future stroke may have disease years before the acute event damage accumulation in the brain,” says Dr. Alis Heshmatollah of Erasmus MC University in an interview with the Daily mail.

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The consequences of strokes continued to be deterioration of cognitive abilities and increased limitations in daily activities.

The study also makes a statement about the people who particularly often affected by strokes are: According to the report, a trend has emerged in which, above all Womenpeople with low level of education and people with a embarrassedwhich is associated with Alzheimer’s disease, were particularly likely to be affected by strokes.

Heredity is the reason: a gene is responsible

The gene is called FOXP2. That’s what a research team from Boston University School of Medicine and the University of Bordeaux did in a large-scale study. heritage discovered by stroke patients. CBS News reported. They collected data from almost 85,000 people from 1948 to 2013. 4300 of them suffered a stroke during the test period.

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