Andreas Gabalier provokes with Corona statements on ZDF – counters Giovanni Zarrella

Andreas Gabalier appeared on the “Giovanni Zarrella Show” on Saturday.Picture: ZDF

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With “Die Giovanni Zarrella Show”, ZDF has once again significantly increased its successful program last year, the former star of Bro’Sis Zarrella now has his own Saturday evening show. Although the format is still much ridiculed – including on “total TV” – but Schlager fans get their money’s worth when big names in the industry step in.

The last edition took place in front of an enthusiastic audience at the Velodrom in Berlin, which applauded No Angels, Andrea Berg and Pietro Lombardi. Andreas Gabalier was also part of the team, but he didn’t just make a name for himself musically.

Gabalier comments on the corona pandemic in Zarrella

After Gabalier’s performance, Zarrella came to see the singer on stage and the two chatted for a bit longer. The “Hulapalu” singer took the opportunity to talk about a recent trip to the paradise countryside of Nashville in the US state of Tennessee. He raised the topic of the corona measures on his own initiative: In Nashville, the management of the pandemic was rather relaxed from the start, which Gabalier welcomed. The musician gushed:

“It was positive to see how people in America handled this corona virus. We didn’t see a mask all the time, no vaccination certificates were required, it was just pure exhilaration.”

Gabalier in conversation with Zarrella.

Gabalier in conversation with Zarrella.picture: zdf

At the same time, this can of course be understood as a criticism of the German federal government, because until a few days ago, as is known, masks were largely compulsory in Germany and compulsory vaccination was the subject of heated debates in parliament. In international comparison, Germany has been rather cautious.

With Zarrella on stage, Gabalier emphasized the importance of art and culture, and that includes big concerts in front of an audience. It is a “great sign” that such events are possible again, the singer spoke almost pathetically of a “new beginning”.

Gabalier’s statements on Corona were finally commented critically by many users on social networks. Many have complained that the 37-year-old was even invited to the ‘Giovanni Zarrella Show’.

Zarrella disagrees with Gabalier

Giovanni Zarrella initially left Gabalier’s statements as they were, but still bowed out when the Austrian had already left the stage. Before continuing with his moderation, he presented his own take on things and said:

“Everything in due time. I think we do it quite wisely here.”

Of course, Gabalier couldn’t answer that anymore, but perhaps Zarrella deliberately timed his counterattack so as not to get involved in an argument in front of millions of spectators. In any case, there was praise for the moderator on Twitter.


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