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Apple may soon launch a new version of its USB-C power adapter with a noticeable improvement. A support document briefly posted on Apple’s website reveals that the company is working on a new 35W dual-port USB-C power adapter.

Apple’s first charger with two USB-C ports

Apple describes a new “35W dual-port USB-C power adapter” in the support document, noting that users can plug a USB-C cable into “either of the two ports on the AC adapter”. He also notes that the adapter has retractable pins similar to current Apple connectors. As you’d expect, Apple notes in the support document that USB-C cables aren’t included in the box.

A 35W charger would have enough power to charge multiple devices at the same time, including iPhones and Apple Watch. Of course, the device will not provide 35 watts for each connection at the same time, but will provide a maximum of 35 watts in total. According to 9to5Mac, the two ports can be exploited as follows:

  • 5VDC/3A
  • 9VDC/3A
  • 15 VDC / 2.33 A
  • 20 VDC / 1.75 A

There are rumors that Apple is working on a new GaN-based power supply which is expected to be released in 2022. GaN technology is an alternative to conventional silicon-based power supplies. GaN power supplies are generally smaller, more energy efficient, and less thermally conductive. It is unclear if the power supply mentioned in the support document is a GaN-based device. However, in a previous forecast, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that by 2022, Apple’s charger will cost “approx. 30 watts”.

Various third-party manufacturers already use GaN power supplies. For example, Anker offers different GaN power supplies in its range. To date, Apple only offers one GaN-based USB-C power adapter: the 140W Power Adapter for the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

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