Bundesliga: Brunner crash overshadows VfL Wolfsburg win over Arminia Bielefeld – Bundesliga

Hope he gets better soon…

Wolfsburg celebrate a comfortable 4-0 win in the basement duel against Bielefeld. The game is overshadowed by a bad crash.

Another shock to the head of Arminia!

After the collision: paramedics block sight of victims, Brunner and WindFoto: Getty Images

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After the collision: paramedics block sight of victims, Brunner and Wind Photo: Getty Images

27 minutes: After a corner, Bielefeld defender Cedric Brunner (28) and Wolfsburg striker Wind bump their heads against each other. At first, they are both lying motionless on the ground. The teammates rush to call the doctors. The stadium is in shock. Everyone watches the scene of the accident with concern…

After two minutes, the wind is back and the game can continue. Brunner, meanwhile, has to be carried from the pitch on a stretcher and wears a neck brace. He was immediately transported to a hospital in Wolfsburg. It’s already clear in the second half: the Bielefeld star is conscious. According to information from BILD, he did not suffer a serious head injury. This was also confirmed by his club on Saturday night.

Due to his slight fainting, he remains under observation at the clinic for the time being.

And this after Klos’ terrible injury…

It was only in the game against Stuttgart last week (1:1) that a bad head accident happened. Bielefeld legend Fabian Klos (34) crashed into his teammate Schöpf and fractured his skull. During the warm-up, the Arminia stars wear shirts that say: “Get well soon, Fabi”.

Football is also played. The wolves nearly dismembered the Arminia. Nmecha scores a double (11th, 38th), Arnold and Kruse continue at halftime (48th, 53rd). In the end, it was 4-0, Wolfsburg’s highest win of the season.

The Kohfeldt-Elf get three important points in the relegation battle. Bielefeld, on the other hand, is sinking deeper and deeper into the cellar of the table. Ten players have to play the last ten minutes of the match, because Krüger also gets injured in the final phase. The guests had already changed five times by this point.

If you’re unlucky, you’re also unlucky…

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