Celine Bethmann shares private message history with Mats Hummels

Celine Bethmann has just announced that she is dating Mats Hummels. Now the GNTM winner has apparently shared private messages from the footballer – likely exchanged before they met.

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Céline Bethmann is currently in conversation. The 2017 GNTM winner has announced that she is currently dating BVB profile Mats Hummels. Now she has posted a screenshot of her seemingly private communication with the footballer on Instagram.

But from the start: A few days ago, Celine Bethmann shared a photo of a set table on Instagram and linked Mats Hummels to it. It was simply called: “Dinner Date”. The 23-year-old has now explained to RTL: “We are dating. Exactly, yes.” She added, “I only know the dates to get to know each other.” So the two are probably not a couple.

“Oh my god yes”

Now, Celine Bethmann’s Instagram stories suddenly contain a screenshot of an apparent communication between her and Mats Hummels via the social media app – as if she wanted to share proof of her claims. The two apparently wrote before their “date”.

Bethmann asked Hummels if he was single. His response: “Oh my God, yes. Otherwise, I won’t invite you.” She wanted to “have asked at least once,” Bethmann continued. On the screenshot, she simply writes: “And with that, I go out!” You can see Mats Hummels’ name has a blue checkmark behind it, so it appears to be the sports star’s official profile.

Celine Bethmann apparently released a private communication with Mats Hummels. (Source: Instagram/celinebethmann)

Mats Hummels has yet to comment on the matter. The 33-year-old left a t-online request unanswered. No wonder the defender is keeping his private life out of the media as much as possible – one can only speculate what he thinks of the private exchange with Bethmann that has just been released. There has never been a statement about the recurring rumors of a marriage to Cathy Hummels. With his post, Bethmann now seems to have confirmed this to some extent.

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