Fallen trees, closed highways, canceled trains

Hundreds of fire and police interventions
Fallen trees, blocked highway, canceled trains – snow causes chaos in Saarland (with photo gallery)

Masses of snow and slippery roads caused numerous accidents throughout Saarland overnight. People were also trapped in their cars. The Saarbrücken city motorway is currently closed due to flooding. The current situation at a glance.

Masses of snow in Saarland wreaked havoc on the streets on Saturday evening. The Saarland Police Situation and Management Center in Saarbrücken reported more than 300 operations nationwide in the afternoon. By Saturday evening, however, the situation had eased again.

A total of 70 accidents with four minor injuries were recorded last night and overnight. According to the police, the main causes were snowy roads, slippery roads, crossing trucks and fallen trees. In addition, several sections of the highway were closed and sandblasting services were used continuously.

Trees fall on cars

As the spokesman for the Neunkirchen fire brigade, Christopher Benkert, reports to the Saarbrücker Zeitung, there were around 50 missions in Neunkirchen alone. Almost everything was fallen trees. Reports came in almost every minute Friday night.

A dramatic case occurred between Hangard and Steinbach, reports Benkert. As a result, several trees fell on cars on the narrow country road through a wooded area. Volunteer firefighters had to free a dozen people from their cars. No one was seriously injured. Nevertheless, the operation was also dangerous for the emergency services due to the risk of falling trees on the site, so the road had to be closed.

Operations also on Saturday

But operations continued for firefighters across the country on Saturday. Blieskastel firefighters responded to a fallen tree in Lautzkirchen. Eppelborn volunteer firefighters were also on the road several times on Saturday clearing fallen trees. Firefighters in the Saint-Wendel district have recorded 66 interventions in the past 24 hours. Including deployment due to flooding near Urweiler. Here, however, it turned out that wreckage had detached itself and there was no longer any danger for the houses in the village.

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Rail traffic and football match affected

According to reports, a tree fell on the tracks under the snow load on the railway line between Homburg-Bexbach and Neunkirchen. The tree and an overhead line caught fire after a short circuit. A regional train had to interrupt its journey, the travelers were brought to safety. According to the police, no one was injured.

Rail traffic in the region was still disrupted on Saturday. Trains on regional routes from provider vlexx continue to be removed. The axes towards Lebach and Gau-Algesheim are particularly affected. A replacement service has been set up in the direction of Saint-Wendel. Breakdowns in rail traffic also had an impact on 1. FC Saarbrücken’s football game against Waldhof Mannheim. Learn more here.

The level of the Saar continues to rise – the motorway is also closed on Saturday

According to firefighters, a barge on the Saar was in danger of capsizing due to rising river levels because it was tied too tightly to the bank. The rescuers loosen the moorings so that the boat can once again adapt to the water level of the Saar. Two smaller sports boats – with no 0150 people on board – were also sunk on the Saar.

The Saarbrücken urban motorway is also closed on Saturday evening. Due to rainfall, there is a risk of flooding of rivers and streams. In Saarbrücken/St. Arnual the water level was measured at 3.80 meters in the morning. From this value, the highway must be closed, says a spokesman for the SZ situation center. The flood warning center warns that water levels at all gauges in the Saar catchment area may continue to rise until 9 p.m. tomorrow evening.

The Operations Center expects a water level of 4.20 meters in the Saar in the coming hours. Therefore, the city highway remains closed.

Here’s how the weather will be from Saturday to Sunday

An area of ​​low pressure over Scandinavia continues to bring changeable weather to Saarland. Rain and sleet showers are again possible on Saturday evening. Occasional thunderstorms are also possible. Only a few showers overnight. Temperatures can drop to 0°C at night. This is why there is a risk of ice in places. Sunday is expected to be largely rainless with temperatures up to twelve degrees Celsius.

Last night’s events at a glance:

  • In parts of the municipality of Nohfelden and Ostertal there were long power cuts.
  • In St. Wendeler Land alone, firefighters and police reported 46 operations (Saturday morning at 8:55 a.m.).
  • There were massive traffic problems on the motorways: trucks and cars at right angles on the A62 and A1. There have also been complete closures for individual sections on the A8.
  • Neunkirchen fire department spokesman Christopher Benkert told SZ on Friday evening: “We have various operations in Neunkirchen. Mainly fallen trees due to snow load.
  • In Kirkel, the roof of a beverage store threatened to collapse under the weight of snow.
  • All municipalities in the district of Saint-Wendel were affected. It is mainly fallen trees that block the roadways. As a result, some connecting roads had to be closed to car traffic.
  • The Saarbahn had completely stopped bus services. The Neunkirch bus service was also interrupted. The buses that were still on the road were already at the stops at 9:30 p.m. with the warning lights on and ended their journey differently than expected.
  • A St. Ingbert Fire Department spokesperson to SZ: “We are constantly on duty. Here, cars are lying in the ditch, trees are falling. There is up to 15 centimeters of snow here.
  • The regional association’s firefighters also worked continuously from Friday evening to Saturday morning. As a spokesperson for the Saarbrücken fire brigade announced in the morning, the fire brigade control center counted around 100 interventions during this period. According to this, the continuous rain first caused the streets to flood, then countless trees fell on the streets, vehicles and power lines due to the onset of snowfall. But even a barge threatened to capsize in Saarbrücken due to the rising level of the Saar. “It was fatally moored too close to shore,” the spokesperson said. The rescuers were able to adjust the lines so that the boat could once again adapt to the water level of the Saar. Firefighters are still on duty at the moment, but the weather is gradually calming down.
  • In the Saint-Wendel district, numerous operations also took place on Saturday. Most of them were fallen trees. No one was injured and some roads are closed. According to a fire department spokesperson, two operations are currently underway (as of 1 p.m.).

Here is the photo gallery: Pictures of snow chaos in Saarland


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