“Giovanni Zarrella Show”: A celebrity-heavy trip to Italy and historical mnemonics against the tasteless

Ever since the “Giovanni Zarrella Show” has been around, you’ve been able to get a huge chunk of Italy plus lots of fun, authentic songs delivered straight to your couch. Also for Saturday evening, Zarrella Giovanni only invited artists with a real connection to Italy. For example, the Carpendale Howie, whose super song “Ti amo!” something like the second Italian national anthem, or the violinist Garrett David, who has already been to Caorle and loves Pinocchio. Hardly anyone knows anymore that the ingenious stage name Berg Andrea goes back to Monte Grappa.

8:05 p.m.: Farewell tuti! There are not so many official occasions in the German-speaking area to celebrate Italy. The International Pizza Day, of course, maybe Ferragosto, but for some time also the “Giovanni Zarrella Show”, for which it is enough to go to the headquarters if you want to travel in the trunk. Fantastic, fantastic!

8:10 p.m.: Today, of course, will be an absolute Spettacolo, very fun, but we also want to learn something from it. The fact that the word “fun” comes from the Italian “spasso”, which means something like “hobby” or “amusement”, is certainly significant for people who love “spasso” in general. For everyone else: Unfortunately, “Ernst” does not come from “Ernsto”.

8:15 p.m.: Incredible, here we go. Zarrella Giovanni dances on “Superstar Saturday Night” in a sky blue costume, as a voiceover announces. “Where will love go with the wind?” Wants to know the host, who is already singing, in his piece of music before switching to Italian. Yes yes it is good. The Italian holidays begin, and as always, unless you buy leather jackets somewhere on the border, you don’t understand it, but it doesn’t matter. But the fact that he now speaks English after German and Italian makes you happy, because you were in high school. It’s also gratifying that Zarrella Giovanni lets us know in her first act who will be here today. The show is expected to last eight to ten hours.

Roland Kaiser is the first

8:25 p.m.: Incredible, it’s bellissimo! How intense can such a spectacle really begin? Kaiser Roland, the Ferrari among the Schlager bards, is already 100 years old and sings a song that, fittingly for the occasion, addresses the Roman Empire. The lyrics of the former emperor only seem to revolve around feelings, affection and other interpersonal matters, but in reality they deal first with the campaigns of Gaius Julius Caesar, then towards the end also with whereabouts. of the old Rubicon, which has not yet been fully clarified, for example to make a subject. Stupid guy! Caesar’s text on Kaiser and the Rubicon, no, Kaiser’s text on Caesar and the Rubicon is actually a pretty good job, but there’s a bit of a blur in the middle. Nevertheless: great song!

8:30 p.m.: Kaiser Roland will be 70 in a few weeks. But he’s not a big “party freak,” Jubilee admits. We must have misread this quite often in the 80s.

Maite Kelly, Pietro Lombardi and Kerstin Ott appear in Zarella

8:34 p.m.: Kelly Maite, whose connection to Italy must unfortunately remain secret, says after her performance on the sofa, on which Kaiser Roland and Zarrella Giovanni are also seated, that it takes courage to sing melancholy. Italians are certainly often nostalgic too.

8:40 p.m.: Difficult generation change now! Lombardi Pietro is not only Italian on his father’s side, but once worked as a pizza chef (senza Spasso!) while catching up on his high school diploma, which of course allowed him to qualify quite early for the “Giovanni Zarrella Show” on. “I won’t let you go,” sings the gangsta rapper from Carlos Silenzio, the third largest city in Baden-Württemberg.

8:46 p.m.: An Ott Kerstin enters the scene. She runs an “Italian amore”, she says. That’s enough for the “Giovanni Zarrella Show”.

Giovanni, you can’t knock out all the greats from the start, can you?

8:50 p.m.: It’s all great fun, though you should also take some time for critical questions. Why doesn’t Zarrella Giovanni explain why you can never drink tap water in Italian cities or why “sausage pizza” is served in the countryside?

8:53 p.m.: “I don’t think I’ve ever been so ashamed of humanity. To future generations: I’m sorry we failed!” someone wrote on Twitter about the show, which they found average. .

8:57 p.m.: Honestly, Giovanni, you can’t knock out all the greats from the start, can you? Who’s there to come at the end? The needle? A Naddel double, should the real one have been there in the middle part? Anyway, Howard Carpendale is now mounted in a black leather jacket and sings a medley with capers, prosciutto and a bit of sausage between his teeth, giving us songs like “Samstagnacht” and “Suspicious Minds”, but also the host, who continues to sing in Italian, brings. Since his engraver “Ti amo!” quasi honorary citizen of Italy and therefore of course in the workforce today.

Marianne Rosenberg, Andreas Gabalier and Andrea Berg

9:05 p.m.: For her performance, Marianne Rosenberg wore an approximately three kilometer long cape made from the whiskers of a pink Apulian unicorn. “Baby, you can’t walk like that!” she sings, barely walking in the cape of unicorn whiskers.

9:11 p.m.: Gabalier Andreas, who is still not Italian, despite Austria wanting to expel him for years, is still allowed to play today. He “thanks” for it with the leather pants and hoodie set. Hooodiehooodiehooodiee! “The greatest and most successful artist in Austria!” Suddenly says Zarrella Giovanni, exasperating the majority of Austrians, who are now indignant. What’s wrong with this Italian? Come here, Zarrella! Can the next blockbuster trip be to Albania, Papua New Guinea or the IKEA ball pit?

9:18 p.m.: But hey, what should we do, today the subject is “Italy”, even if it’s not very funny anymore. It’s sausage! Andrea Berg, whose artist name can be traced back to Monte Grappa in the Dolomites, where as a teenager she had to tread gently over pizza dough in the harshest conditions in an alpine hut, from which she ultimately only benefited , according to her own statements, is now singing a song she sings with DJ Bobo wrote. The host, who shortly before had described the future Italian Andrea Gabaliero as “Austria’s greatest and most successful artist”, got involved again. DJ Bobo is good against him.

9:39 p.m.: Now Zarrella Giovanni is also adding an Italian version of the classic “Angels” from “Robbie Williams”. Don’t eat anything good either. Allow what? The fact that you need an adapter for the socket in Italy is no longer surprising. In Papua New Guinea for example? Totally simple brushing!

9:45 p.m.: Andrea Berg, Kerstin Ott and Maite Kelly now perform in threes. Now things don’t add up anymore.

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Giovanni Zarrella undertakes “a journey through time”

9:58 p.m.: Because he has been to Caorle before, has an autograph card from Alberto Tomba and was a huge Pinocchio fan as a child, crusader violinist David Garrett is also allowed to play today . Completely uncool, by the way, who in the eternal conflict between Pinocchio and the precocious duck Gina against tomcat and fox did not help the latter. The Garrett David has certainly always been the “Pinocchio & Gina” team. And who, of course, stood out during the piece of the violinist with Italian lines?

10:06 p.m.: Brinko Bernardo is now playing on stage. It’s not good, but it contrasts nicely with the mutual adulation.

10:13 p.m.: The “No Angels” perform with Carolin Kebekus. What does all this have to do with Italy?

10:30 p.m.: Zarrella Giovanni now undertakes “a journey through time”, as he puts it, with some of the protagonists who have already appeared. Together, they release classics like “Die da” by Fanta 4, “Amadeus” by Falco or “Everybody” by the Backstreet Boys. yes eh! Does anyone know why there are always so many pretty women alongside the Italian policemen and why there are always traffic signs and speed cameras with ours?

10:35 p.m.: Show must go on. The best spaghetti western of all time: “The good, the bad and the ugly”!

10:36 p.m.: Alberto Tomba was actually a really cool guy. Ennio Morricone anyway! Bud Spencer, real name Carlo Pedersoli, was also doing just fine. A few of his “frying pans” could be put to good use on the show right now.

10:41 p.m.: 753 – Rom hatched from the egg.

10:47 p.m.: Giovanni Zarrella and Emperor Roland always sing together. Good too: “Before Christ one hundred, we admire the little Caesar”

8:54 p.m.: The host now announces Bublé Michael, who also has Italian roots. “We now look forward to the guest with the longest journey of all. The following applies to our Canadian: from wedding singer to world star”, Zarrella Giovanni leaves all those who have not yet come to the land of Italo pick in the Last Hour and a Half knows dreams have been shot. Bublé sings the song “I will never love you” live.

Finale: Andrea Berg sings the first new song

11:09 p.m.: “Now is the moment we have all been waiting for.” With these words, after the appearance of the world star, Zarrella Giovanni actually announces Berg Andrea’s first new song in a long time. It’s called “I’d do it again” and she didn’t make it. Knowing that this marathon will soon be over, you can handle it relatively well.

11:14 p.m.: Great, now the Kaiser has to go back to the curtain with a “medley”, although he really needs to sleep if he hasn’t started the saw for a good half hour backstage. “Let’s hope Roland Kaiser still sings ‘Santa Maria’,” one crazy night owl posted on Twitter.

11:20 p.m.: “Thank you for this wonderful evening with you. We enjoyed it very much. And don’t forget: La vita è bella,” Zarrella-Giovanni finally said goodbye. “The CD of this show is available in stores”, warns us a voice in the credits at the end.

11:21 p.m.: Allora, it was another tough night and at some point it just wasn’t fun anymore. Go to Albania or Papua New Guinea. Arrivederci!

Howard and Wayne Carpendale

Actor Wayne Carpendale turns 45 on March 23. He is the son of pop legend Howard Carpendale. The two are extremely close and through thick and thin. The following father-son duos are or have been regularly seen together in public.

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