Hard sparkasse: customers are threatened with account termination due to negative interest rates

The savings bank takes a drastic step. Customers who refuse to pay their negative interest rates suffer the consequences.

Dortmund – Many German banks charge their customers custody fees for amounts of 50,000 euros or more on the account. Some customers do not want to pay this negative interest, but some companies no longer support it, as RUHR24* knows.

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Savings bank customers are threatened with account termination: as many customers concerned

Only recently there have been changes at the Sparkasse*. Now the next innovation follows, as the bank is now taking tough action against some customers. A year ago, Sparkasse Düsseldorf reportedly canceled two dozen customer accounts due to negative interest rates. Sparkasse Dortmund also spoke according to information from Handelsblatt already the first layoffs.

According to the bank, the majority “responded to the change notice from Sparkasse by terminating their business relationship”. In total, it has 330,000 customers. According to Ruhr News Sparkasse Dortmund are said to have canceled all of a client’s accounts for mid-May. But the Sparkasse procedure is no longer an isolated case (more digital news at RUHR24*).

The savings banks decide to terminate the account: these branches are not concerned

Meanwhile, other financial institutions have taken the plunge or are about to do so, such as Postbank, which is owned by Deutsche Bank. But ING would also like to close the accounts soon because of the negative interest rates.

Some banks are still refraining from this drastic measure, such as Commerzbank. “We are trying to find good solutions together,” a Commerzbank spokesperson said. Handelsblatt reported. According to CEO Johannes Evers, the Berliner Sparkasse also did not notify anyone.

Savings bank customers are threatened with account termination: this is how negative interest rates persist

At least a third of banks should apply negative interest rates. There are at least 449 financial institutions that calculate this interest on daily and current accounts, as reportedly determined by comparison portal Verivox. But that could soon be a thing of the past.

Savings bank customers are threatened with account termination due to negative interest rates.

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Because many financial institutions want to abolish negative interest rates for individuals, even if the European Central Bank refrains from late payment interest. These should include Hamburger Sparkasse, Apobank, ING and DKB. *RUHR24 is part of the editorial network of IPPEN.MEDIA.

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