Hautes-Pyrénées: Tragic death of young cyclist Baptiste Sabatut during a race

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Baptiste Sabatut, licensed by Lescar Vélo Sprint and originally from Luz-Saint-Sauveur, tragically died in a controversial regional race in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques on Saturday afternoon

Baptiste Sabatut was 20 years old, he had partially joined the national team 3 of Lescar VS. Under the stewardship of Gibert Duclos-Lassalle, he hoped to rise in the ranks and fight at the highest French amateur level.

victim of a fall

His hope was dashed at a regional race in Arête in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques on Saturday. He was the victim of a fall in a ravine and died of a cerebral hemorrhage while being transported by helicopter to the hospital.

Baptiste took part in a street race with his Lescar club. In the last lap of the circuit, he swung about twenty meters behind his head to the summit of the difficulty, the Col de Bats towards Aramits.

He then tried everything to get back into the group as quickly as possible, but unfortunately he got through a twisty corner badly and fell at least 20 meters into a ravine. He crashed into several trees, which caused irreversible damage, especially to his head. Despite the very quick intervention of the emergency services, he died shortly thereafter.

At STAPS in Tarbes, at Elite in Lescar

The young Luzéen, studying at STAPS in Tarbes, had started this year in the elite on the sleeves of the Essor Basque, then in Albi. He gained strength after having the Covid earlier in the season.

Pascal Baudron, the Lescar VS N3 team’s sporting director, admits with shock: “Baptiste had skills and we said to each other that we have to give him a chance to achieve his dream and reach the top level. He came to us 3 years ago and grew in strength. He had impeccable demeanor, cool boy, good guy. Bad luck is to blame. We can’t explain it, but the whole club is shocked, stunned. Baptiste lived his passion to the fullest and I think of his father and his very humble family. I feel very sorry for you.”

The whole cycling family mourns one of them and the emotions are very strong in his club where we hire a boy without history, cheerful and easy to live.

He was perfectly integrated and his teammates including several other Bigourdan riders who are all in shock at the moment.

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