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Those who want to stand out a bit among iPhone owners these days opt for either the new iPhone 13 in green or the iPhone 13 Pro in alpine green. Both new colors were announced last month, so they’re brand new. At o2 you can get the iPhone 13 as well as the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max in green with the appropriate o2 Free tariff for a one-off amount of 1 euro. You can also get a huge switch bonus of 100 EUR if you successfully transfer your old phone number from your old provider to o2.

Green or alpine green?

You are spoiled for choice. Whether iPhone 13 in green or iPhone 13 Pro (Max) in alpine green. No matter which model or color you choose, the new “green” color will definitely bring momentum to the iPhone product family. This color also makes you stand out among Apple fans. Incidentally, Apple took a similar approach last year. In the spring, for example, the manufacturer launched the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini in purple. This year, the Pro model also comes in a new color.

-> Here you can find the iPhone 13 (Pro) in green at o2

Apple writes

The sleek new iPhone 13 Pro Alpine Green and iPhone 13 Green join the family that includes the super-fast A15 Bionic advanced camera systems with incredible computational photography capabilities, long battery life and 5G, and is incredibly sustainable.

Let’s take a closer look at the details and more specifically the iPhone 13 in green with the o2 Free M. First of all, it must be said that all models are available immediately from o2. The o2 Free M offers you an all-network package with telephone package and SMS package, a data package with 20GB of broadband volume (LTE and 5G) and EU roaming. A one-time fee of only 1 euro is due for the green iPhone 13. The monthly price (device with 24 installments + tariff) is only 59.99 euros. From the 25th month there is no additional payment for the iPhone 13 and you only pay 29.99 euros.

100 euros exchange bonus

o2 currently offers you a switch bonus of 100 euros if you switch to o2. To do this, you must successfully transfer your old phone number from your old provider to o2. Have you already terminated your current mobile phone contract? Even if this has not yet happened, according to the new Telecommunications Act, it is in principle possible to terminate contracts whose minimum contract duration has already expired without giving a reason with a notice period of one month. and change providers.

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