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FDriving without a license and hit and run after an accident are criminal offenses for which you must answer. For Judge Jacobi (Sebastian Koch), a man of honor, there is no doubt. He’s not one to throw legal principles and principles overboard, not even for his son: “Your Honor” is the fitting title for the six-part thriller series (directed by David Nawrath), which varies the question of the price of morality and told in an exciting way.

If the accident victim was someone else, what advice would Jacobi have given his son? cover up the crime? Unlikely. But the case is special. The seriously injured in the artificial coma is not just anyone, but Slatan Sailovic (Niko Lukic). Some time ago, Jacobi sentenced his father Radan (Marek Wlodarczyk) to twelve years in prison. For his role in the spectacular trial, which dealt with the crimes of the Serbian clan that dominates organized crime in Innsbruck, the judge was hailed as a hero and had to be placed under temporary police protection. Since then, he has been blacklisted as a professional villain.

It’s all about revenge

A calculable risk to himself, as Jacobi says. But now it’s about the life of his son Julian (Taddeo Kufus), whose mother committed suicide two years ago. The Sailovic modus operandi is not just an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. It’s about revenge. Thus, no one is authorized to identify the son as the driver of the accident. The judge is not yet aware that DNA material and an asthma inhaler were found at the scene.

“Fleischer” Uli Lindner (Tobias Moretti), the big butcher and drug dealer, has lost a delivery of drugs.

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Jacobi makes the first fatal decisions in seconds. Franz Brunner (Sascha Gersak), an old acquaintance at Brenner Pass customs, is supposed to get rid of the wrecked car. He recommends petty criminal Sascha Zuber (Jack Hofer). Zuber is arrested by the police. Become stupid. Jacobi’s sense of order and justice is always keen. Along with Lisa Schwarz (Lena Kalisch), he gets a defense attorney from Zuber, knowing full well that the prison bush drums are already preparing the person in custody for shooting. However, the Sailovic family still assumes an attack on Slatan. The “butcher” Uli Lindner (Tobias Moretti with the awful hairstyle), butcher and drug trafficker, and his heavy-duty man, Muhr (Rainer Bock), have meanwhile lost a delivery to the ‘Ndrangheta. The driver is executed. The action of “uncle” Jova Sailovic (Ercan Durmaz) is the prelude to an escalating gang war, which the clever and ruthless daughter of the clan leader, Arija (Paula Beer), who rushes of London at his brother’s bedside, does not want to lead. It is better to wipe the slate clean immediately.

Nevertheless, Jacobi is targeted, as is the investigation of detective Gabriele Kirchner (Ursula Strauss). The more new ideas have to be suppressed, the violence necessary to cover them up becomes rampant, the more a judge’s control and power escape him, the more infamously and purposefully Jacobi himself acts. He plays risky tricks, betrays Franz, tries to run for the post of secretary general of the Minister of Justice Anton Kreidel (Andreas Lust), becomes a criminal and is unable to stop the avalanche he has unleashed.


“Your Honor”

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Your Honor is an adaptation of the Israeli series Kvodo (2017) directed by Ron Ninio and Shlomo Mashiach. There is also an American version of the story of the incorruptible judge who will do anything to save his child. This Austrian development is not just a remake (like “Your Honor” either), but reflects national conditions. Anyone who remembers recent and old political scandals in the Alpine republic can find something relevant.

The look is dark from the start and gets darker and darker. The music does the rest. Anyone who thought the events surrounding the “Ibiza video” had a humorous component will be greeted with their bare seriousness. The father-son chart “Your Honor” varies in several constellations, once like a bitter mother-son relationship. Christina Zuber (Gerti Drassl) and her son Sascha show what “family hell” can be like.

Superbly acted by Sebastian Koch and the ensemble, which notably includes Tobias Moretti, great performances of chosen villainy, the series develops from episode to episode in a reflection on integrity and family values. Filmed to the chills, in wintry permafrost exteriors and oppressive views over the Innsbruck city valley, preferably at night, the heat only comes into play inside the courtroom and in the judge’s house.

Your Honor takes place today from 8:15 p.m. (episodes 1-4) and tomorrow from 9:45 p.m. (episodes 5 and 6) in premiere and at the ARD media library.

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