Ligue 1 – After Clermont – PSG – The MNM is (finally) at the level: “It’s a shame that it’s only happening now”

The MNM saw Gabriel Montpied treble (6-1) on Saturday night and it was the unfortunate Clermontois who paid the price. Neymar, Lionel Messi and obviously Kylian Mbappé overwhelmed the Auvergne defense with an exchange rarely seen this season, signing a new attack a week after they had already blown up the Lorient defense (5-1). Without disregarding PSG’s last two opponents, this new XXL performance is enough to leave a bitter taste in the face of the Paris season.

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PSG go for a walk, Mbappé and Neymar enjoy themselves


There are some events that have caused a delay

Even at the time of this sudden agreement. “It’s a shame it’s only happening now…Kylian Mbappé on the microphone also regretted that channel + after the meeting. There are some events that have caused a delay.” “The circumstances are well known, the season started after Euro and Copa America and then our players went away for two weeks every month. We missed it at key moments of the season.” PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino outbid at a press conference.

Secondly, because we would have liked to see performances like this in the big games this season, looking at the game at Santiago-Bernabéu a couple of weeks ago. Of course we won’t make history again, but a hat-trick against Clermont or in C1’s round of 16 doesn’t carry quite the same weight.

However, the extraordinary should not be trivialized, and the Parisians set in motion a real steamroller against the promoted team in a very serious and hard-working match. “I can’t say perfect because we conceded a goal but we had a great game. This is how we should play“said midfielder Danilo Pereira. While we could have feared a dynamic end to the season in the league, Mauricio Pochettino’s men did their job and are heading for the crowning glory in Ligue 1.”We are happy, we had a lot of fun, we gave something too. We’re on our way to the 10th title, it’s not far anymore“, Mbappé still enjoyed.

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Better late than never for MNM

Because if there is one whose seriousness should no longer be doubted, then it is the three-colored striker. A triple goalscorer and crucial passer on Saturday after making three offers and scoring twice last week, Mbappé is at the top of his game. At the top of the hierarchy of scorers (20 goals) but also passers-by (14 goals), he could be the first in the history of the championship to end the season at the top of these two rankings. “Best shape of my career? Not that bad, that’s fine… (laughs)‘ he joked after the game.

At his side, his two acolytes were not left out. Lionel Messi provided three assists for the second time this season while ‘Ney’ surfs a hat-trick on his thunderous return from Brazil. The Auriverde international impressed above all with his unfamiliar defensive activity, which enabled the Parisian club to have a more coherent structure.

To be well balanced, they have to play a lot of matches together. Today the 3 are very balanced, that helps the team a lot‘ admitted a satisfied Danilo.Now that we have full weeks of work, things are going better‘ Mauricio Pochettino slipped his three stars, visibly annoyed by the lack of recognition. Despite the mood of the Argentinian coach, the evening’s message for the coming Sunday was sent: OM can tremble, the MNM seems firmly established.

Kylian Mbappé and Lionel Messi celebrate a goal at Clermont – PSG in Ligue 1

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