The PS Vita has been abandoned by Sony, according to the ex-boss of PlayStation

The PlayStation Vita is incredibly popular even after its official demise, having held some beautiful hardware in your hands. In retrospect, however, the handheld has been overlooked too much.

Former PlayStation boss Jack Tretton came to this conclusion in an interview with Axios that there was too little love and support for the PS Vita internally. This became apparent at the latest after you sawed off your own support and left the field open to third-party developers.

Tretton takes on the challenge of bringing a new consumer product to market. Massive investments and marketing budgets are necessary here, as is support for developers, for whom everything is always a risk from the start.

“There were definitely technologies that I thought were good but just didn’t have the level of support they needed,” Tretton said. “So you develop new technologies to introduce them to industry and consumers. But do you have the marketing budget to really get the message across? Do you have the developer support money to get them to make games and support this initiative? »


Gave up too soon

Apparently they gave up here too quickly or the success of PS Vita didn’t come as quickly as hoped. Also in the context where the mobile market has grown much faster and Sony believed that there was no longer a need for dedicated gaming hardware in this area.

“I think the PSP was incredibly successful. I loved what it did and felt it needed a console-like experience to bring genres to an older audience that usually couldn’t play console-like games on a portable platform The PS Vita was a fine machine at a time when very few people thought they needed a dedicated portable device.


Whether Sony will ever release another handheld is considered unlikely. The focus is currently on powerful home consoles and virtual reality.

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