The Thorny Devil on ‘The Masked Singer’ 2022: Fans Tap It

  • “The Masked Singer” premiered its 6th season on March 19, 2022.
  • As usual, there’s a new episode every Saturday that you can diligently guess in. To make sure you don’t miss any episodes, you’ll find an overview of start times and broadcast dates here.
  • Gradually all new costumes will be announced. In the overview of all masks 2022 there is a summary of all important information.

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A musician could be under the devil’s thorn in “The Masked Singer” in 2022. At least that’s what some Instagram users suspect, who have already thought of the secret star in costume. The Thorny Devil is one of three previously announced Season 6 new masks.

“The Masked Singer”: 2022 Who is hiding behind the thorny devil?

Here are the top five tips from the ProSieben app:

Mark Keller: 71%

Hartmut Engler: 5%

Bela B. Felsenheimer: 5%

Michael Patrick Kelly: 2%

Paul Janke: 1%

As of April 9, 2022

That’s what the consulting team says

Are fans on the right track with their advice? At least rate guest Giovanni Zarella in Episode 2 is pretty sure of the thorny devil. He suspects a “great dude” and actor under the costume; namely crowd favorite Mark Keller. This will only become apparent when the secret behind the thorny devil is revealed.

In Episode 3, at least Rea Garvey deviates from her advice on Mark Keller. “This week, it was less Mark Keller, which derailed me,” says the singer. However, he doesn’t really know who the Thorn Devil might be.

Ruth Moschner, who once played Mark Keller’s wife in an acting role, can also imagine Til Schweiger in the Dornteufel. Council guest Carolin Kebekus says she recognized the shape of Thorsten Sträter’s body under the thorny devil.

And even in episode 4, the guessing team is still unsure and throws new names into play. Rea is sure: with that self-confidence, it has to be a high school diploma. He’s betting on Paul Janke. Ruth suspects an alarm for the actor of Cobra 11 behind the mask and explains only: “If it is not my ex-husband, then it must be Patrick Bach. Council guest Linda Zervakis plays Bela B from The Doctors. What do you think ?

Secrets about the new mask

The Thorn Devil has aroused the curiosity of many fans. They’re excited about the rich detailing of the costume and suspect a male star behind the towering stature – but they’re not sure. After all, “The Masked Singer” has a few surprises in store every season.

You can see what you can discover this year every Saturday at 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben and Joyn.

Guess the new season

The Thorn Devil isn’t the only mask fueling the rumor mill. Here you can read more about speculation, for example about the zebra and the seagull:

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