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According to European Commission President von der Leyen, a total of ten billion euros were pledged for Ukraine at an international donors’ conference in Warsaw. President Zelenskyj continues to focus on peace negotiations, but also expects heavy fighting in the east of the country. News at a glance.

The European Commission has announced €1 billion in aid to support Ukraine and countries hosting refugees. “Of this sum, 600 million euros will go to Ukraine, the Ukrainian authorities and part of the United Nations,” Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told an international donors’ conference on Saturday. Warsaw. “400 million euros go to the frontline states which are doing a great job and helping the refugees who arrive.” total be According to von der Leyen, ten billion euros have been pledged as part of the global fundraising campaign “Stand up for Ukraine”. Chancellor Scholz (SPD) said via video message that Germany is providing an additional 425 million euros in humanitarian and development aid to Ukraine and its neighboring countries. In addition, there would be 70 million euros in medical support. According to the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, around 4.4 million people have already left Ukraine, which corresponds to around 10% of the total population before the war. Another six million people are internally displaced.

THE AUDIO: Life in the refugee village of Sumte (4 min)

Selenskyj wants to continue negotiations – heavy fighting is expected

According to Ukrainian President Selenskyj, he still counts on peace negotiations with Russia. For the east of the country he expects in the next few days heavy fighting, Selenskyj said after a meeting with Austrian Chancellor Nehammer in Kyiv. It can be observed that the Russian army is gathering new troops and weapons for this purpose. Nevertheless, his government is ready for the talks.

The European Union has it The Kramatorsk train station attack in Ukraine that killed more than 50 people has been described as a Russian war crime. “This was a brutal and indiscriminate bomb attack against innocent civilians, including many children, who were fleeing in fear of another Russian attack on their homeland and country,” the spokesperson said. EU foreign policy in a statement. Those responsible must be held accountable.

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For example, Bucha’s atrocities are denied. A whistleblower criticizes Facebook’s measures as inadequate. external

Current reports on the fighting and developments in Ukraine as well as on international diplomacy can be found at tagesschau.de.

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The President of the European Commission declared in the daily that after the war, it is about reconstruction – but also about reforms. More at tagesschau.de. external

Help for people in Ukraine:

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The will to help those affected by war is great. What should be considered? NDR.de offers an overview. After

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4 minutes

The pressure on Germany is increasing. But what about the defense capability of the Bundeswehr? 4 minutes

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However, the road to the European Union for Ukraine is still long, stresses Michael Gahler (CDU), foreign expert at the European Parliament. 10 minutes

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The renegade region wants to vote on it in a referendum. Incorporation would likely mean further sanctions against Russia. 3 minutes

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The mayor of the 700-person municipality hopes that the visit of Sütterlin-Waack and Heinold will above all provide support. 3 minutes

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Participants fear a decline in interest. So they chose protest actions that were to commemorate places like Bucha. 2 minutes

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Many refugees are now registered. But efforts to find their own accommodation are difficult. 3 minutes

Reports on the war in Ukraine from northern Germany:

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Several hundred people demonstrated on Saturday against the war in Ukraine at the Rathausmarkt in Hamburg. Cruel images of killed civilians have been recreated. After

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Ukrainians can also register in the commune on Saturdays. The offer is valid for the month of April. After

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The state government wants to speed up the construction of Germany’s first LNG terminal with a change in the law. After

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Not only oil, petrol and gas are becoming more expensive, but also food. Recipes for inexpensive dishes and tips for saving. After

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Many consumers are concerned about price increases and cancellations by energy providers. What can you do there? After

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The war in Ukraine affects many people. What strategies help when fear becomes overwhelming? After

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