ZDF Roland Kaiser: honest words in “Giovanni Zarrella Show”

ZDF: Roland Kaiser finds honest words in ‘Giovanni Zarrella Show’ – ‘Don’t try to curry favor with us’

ZDF: Roland Kaiser reveals a secret in the “Giovanni Zarrella Show”. (archive picture)

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These two are good friends: John Zarella and Roland Kaiser They’ve been getting along well for years and, as Giovanni reveals, they always talk about football and the Bundesliga. On Saturday night, the two successful stars are together on the big ZDF– Internship in the “Giovanni Zarrella Show”.

And Roland Kaiser gives in the ZDF-Live broadcast in the Velodrom in Berlin prices unusual previews.

ZDF: Roland Kaiser with honest words in “Giovanni Zarrella Show”

It’s a highlight at the start of the “Giovanni Zarrella Show” and it means a lot for the ZDF host: Roland Kaiser is allowed to open the show and performs the song “You can’t beat love”.

After his performance, the singer talks a bit with Giovanni on the sofa. The latter also reminds his star guest that he will soon be 70 years old. May 10 to be exact. What does Roland Kaiser do on his special day?

Roland Kaiser on the ZDF show: “I’m not a big party animal”

“I’m not a big fan of parties, I’m having a little party with my family. And get ready for the summer tour, can’t wait to catch up with people. It’s more important to me than my birthday,” Roland reveals Kaiser on the ZDF broadcast. But despite his age, Roland especially appeals to young fans who come to his concerts.

Thanks to his daughter Annalena (23), he also guessed where she comes from. “My daughter once said to me when she was 16, ‘You’re not trying to curry favor with us, you stay in your three-piece suit. We think that’s a good thing.’ By three-piece suit , Annalena, of course, means her trademark – the classic costume.

And on Saturday evening too, Roland Kaiser will present himself as usual.


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Shortly before the ZDF broadcast, the broadcaster made it exciting. To come back? (I)

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