Buy PS5: Availability before Easter – Be sure to keep an eye out for these retailers now

This week (4/11 – 4/17) remains exciting in terms of PS5 supplies. There is hope for a few drops before Easter. Here are the hottest traders right now.

Hamburg – The PS5 is and will remain a hugely popular electronic product come Easter 2022, but it’s hard to get – at least if you want to buy Sony’s latest game console at a human price. There have been a few drops lately, but even now rare supplies are usually depleted within minutes. Anyone who wants to succeed as a PS5 hunter should therefore always be well informed about promising candidates and keep a close eye on the most relevant dealers – apart from the indispensable element of luck. We therefore show you here the suppliers who have the highest chances of restocking in the current week.

Console name Playstation 5 (PS5)
Maker Sony Interactive Entertainment (YOU)
Type Fixed game console
generation 09th console generation
storage medium Blu-Ray, SSD
Release November 19, 2020

Buy PS5: Availability April 11-17 – These resellers are particularly promising right now

This is how it is in general with PS5 supplies: In short: fie online, locally hui. The PS5 restock has been in the news lately with nearly usurious online PS5 deals at Kaufland and Alternate. in particular demanded more money for the bare PS5 disc, which some greedy third-party vendors are currently doing.

But there were also local PS5 sales, for example at some MMS and Conrad stores, where you could find more humane prices if you had one of the relevant stores handy. And at Conrad, on-site sales continue assiduously at the start of the new week in several markets. But where could there still be supplies this week? Where should you be particularly careful?

Particularly hot traders for the current week (April 11-17):

  • PlayStation Direct: PlayStation players registered with PS Direct are reporting being invited to the upcoming PlayStation Direct PS5 Closed Sale. According to the invitation email, this will take place on April 12, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. German time. You can find the link in the email. According to Sony, supply is limited – while supplies last. It is currently unknown whether there will finally be an open sale again afterwards. So check your emails!
  • OTT: For several weeks, OTTO has been the hottest candidate for online sales. There had been no supplies there for nearly two months. Additionally, three of the four biggest vendors, MediaMarkt, Saturn, and Amazon, have already sold the PlayStation 5 in recent weeks. Only OTTO is missing, although it is considered unlikely that OTTO, as the fourth major retailer, will not be replenished by Sony once the other three receive and sell new consoles. So the likelihood of something happening here soon is relatively high.
  • Konrad: You should keep an eye on this trader again this week. Over the past week, select branches have received new PS5s and offered them locally as a bundle. From the beginning of the week (April 11), Conrad added some and sold the console locally in certain branches. Other markets will follow. So stay alert if you have a Conrad representative near you – even if they recently sold out locally. Because some markets that were already online have apparently stocked up for the new week (or are running out of previous stock).
  • Euronic: This dealer also remains exciting in the current week and is considered one of the top favorites in the scene – but simply because Euronics, as a former guarantor of supply, has not gone down for more than 3 months. So it’s more of a sort of insider tip to keep in mind just in case, as there’s a growing likelihood that something fall-related will finally happen there.
  • Media Markt and Saturn: Last week, individual MMS branches (e.g. Saturn in Wolfsburg on April 5 and MediaMarkt in Nienburg on April 8) offered the PS5 in local sales campaigns. It’s entirely conceivable that other markets with on-site sales could follow suit before Easter if new consoles are generally available there. Nothing is officially known about it. But also when it comes to online drops, MMS, as one of the four biggest providers in Germany, should not be overlooked at the moment, according to important voices from the PS5 hunter scene.

In general, you should keep in mind: Many well-known PS5 vendors (especially medium and smaller retailers such as Expert, MyToys or Müller) are currently behind for months. A new month has just begun and we are also in the week just before Easter. In principle, a number of retailers are now eligible for a surprising online drop and could spontaneously offer the PS5 at any time without notice.

In general, this week you should pay more attention to potential on-site sales with all relevant vendors who operate local branches – for example at GameStop or Expert. Because local sales seem to be kind of a pre-Easter trend.

Buy PS5: Where are you most likely to get your supplies this week?


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When will the situation improve? In the coming weeks and months, the supply situation around the PS5 is expected to remain tight. Chipmakers are still having production and delivery issues, and Sony itself is also talking about delivery bottlenecks. Some experts, analysts and some dealers assume that the situation could remain the same until the end of the year or even beyond, so Sony will not be able to cover the still gigantic demand.

But if you’re still in pursuit of the PS5 and don’t want to miss a drop, visit our PS5 live ticker regularly. We will keep you informed daily about all relevant developments regarding PS5 supplies from all well-known dealers in German-speaking countries.

Heading list image: © Sony/Unsplash

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