Covid – BA.4 and BA.5: two new variants discovered in South Africa, where Omicron was born

Most puzzling: this recombination of two variants of Omicron. Explanations.

That crisis from covid is it behind us? That Wave BA.2 sure, but the Covid-19 certainly not. This is essentially what Olivier Véran must remember this Thursday, who happily announced the beginning of the end of the year Subvariant of omicron. A more contagious, less severe variant, but the ending sent shivers down the spines of health officials limitations has already been fixed.

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BA.4 and BA.5

Now that the measures have been lifted, it remains to monitor the evolution of the virus. And while some specialists predict new variants In line with BA.2 (always more contagious but less serious), here are a few recombinant (Combination of two variants) invite themselves to the festival. deltacronalso called Variant XD Is one of them. XE also recombinant from BA.1 and BA.2, is even described as more contagious. It is also closely monitored by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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As new variants and other recombinants emerge around the world, we have to expect them now BA.4 and BA.5. From them Omicron subvariants recognized as their original tribe in South Africa and at Botswana. Of the two it is BA.4 what concerns scientists most. Since it is a recombinant ofomicron… and D’omicron. Consider an alloy of subvariants BA.1 and BA.3. Which seems to have significant growth in South Africa.

Here’s a first look at the recently categorized BA.4 and BA.5 lines.

Since the categorization algorithms have not made their way into databases and websites, I will try this by matching their mutations.

First “BA.4” – with steady growth in South Africa, up to 9% frequency

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BA.4 was also detected in small proportions UNITED STATES and to Porto Rico according to our colleagues at Forbes. But also at Denmarkto United Kingdom and in Germanyaccording to the scientist Cornelius Roemer.

New variants that are sure to get a lot of ink flowing.

Then – in southern Africa, completely new Omicron variants were discovered – BA.4 & BA.5. Already dominant in South Africa. What that means for us is unclear because we’ve had a much bigger BA.2 wave than them – keep an eye on them.

Shows that Omicron Emergence is *still* happening. 17/18

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