FC Bayern: For Julian Nagelsmann, things get serious against Villarreal – that’s how the coach works under pressure

When Julian Nagelsmann took over the podium from Manuel Neuer at the press conference before the quarter-final second leg against Villarreal (Tuesday from 9:00 p.m. in the live ticker) on Monday, the atmosphere in the room suddenly changed. Not that Neuer was in a bad mood before – it’s just hard to follow his coach’s mood.
He showed up to the virtually present reporters in the best of spirits – and that ahead of his most important game yet as Bayern manager. After the 0-1 first leg defeat at Villarreal, the record champions are under threat of the Champions League quarter-finals against a true underdog. There are no signs of nervousness, tension, worry or discomfort with Nagelsmann. On the contrary.

Nagelsmann embodies lightness and relaxation even in complicated times, answering questions from media representatives as eloquently as usual and with an almost Klopp-esque fun factor. Nagelsmann draws pictures of players on a leash, on which he only has to “open the silver buckle”, tries to read lips when the sound of a journalist goes on strike and asks an interrogator Spanish how is he.

Champions League

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A typical Nagelsmann, as can be seen after eight and a half months at Bayern, as the former Leipzig coach is rarely seen in a bad mood. It regularly seems that the 34-year-old actually enjoys the weekly meetings with the reporters and not just boring mandatory events.

Beneficial for all and great strength from the trainer that his predecessors did not always have. But it is also a fragile state in professional sport.

Nagelsmann knows: “Diamonds are created under pressure”

The mood could change quickly if another misstep against the “Yellow Submarine” were to follow on Tuesday night and the trip to the Champions League should end in the quarter-finals.

This duel, captain Neuer pointed out, looking ahead to Bayern’s successful history, was “tailor-made for the record champions. We shouldn’t laugh at ourselves when we lost a game like that. That annoys us”. He promised they “will definitely be there in the Allianz Arena. We’re all hot and will rock the game.”

Nagelsmann also relies on the particular experience of its stars in relatively precarious situations. Maybe “special attraction and special pressure is needed. Players love it, it looks good on them,” he said on Monday, adding with a smile: “High pressure also creates diamonds, can “Maybe we can make a brilliant one. Game.”

It’s imperative. An out against the Spanish outsider, and the verdict on Nagelsmann’s first season at Bayern would be negative. The tenth championship in a row would not change anything. Especially since Bayern had already failed miserably and at the start of the DFB Cup.

FC Bayern: Nagelsmann telephone exchange

The preparation for the match was all the more intensive. Nagelsmann reported that he “talks so much” to the (leading) players. He had already felt “like in a switchboard”.

The Bayern coach also clarified that there were no beauty prizes up for grabs. “Bringing some German virtues like Bayern Munich is not wrong,” he demanded, “we have to increase all the intensity.” A “tactical foul” is also appropriate from time to time. Point: “We have to play disgusting football.”

Julian Nagelsmann – Bayern Munich

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Bayern, who could reach the semi-finals of the most important European competition for the 21st time, are definitely warned. Villarreal showed themselves in the first leg as a serious contender. In the round of 16, the “Yellow Submarine” also won the second leg of Juventus Turin 3-0.

Nagelsmann: Villarreal made a mistake

But Bayern want to prevent another underdog coup at all costs. “I’ve had a few messages from players saying we’re going 100 per cent,” the Munich coach said, emphasizing confidently: “They’re bilious!”

Above all, Villarreal made the mistake of letting us live when there were a lot of missed chances in the first leg. We have to punish that.”

The omens are not particularly good. The absence of national player Niklas Süle (flu) is the least of the problems. Even in the 1-0 win over FC Augsburg, the Bundesliga leaders struggled for long stretches – but there are hardly any limits to confidence. “The hut is on fire and we are going to deliver a match in the manner of Bayern”, underlined Leon Goretzka.

70,000 spectators are expected at the Allianz Arena – and according to Nagelsmann they will see highly motivated Bavarians: “Now the players have been on a leash for two or three days, not even a cross-country leash, but a very short one – now I just have to unbuckle this money loop on Tuesday and they’ll have to get away.”

Nagelsmann and his “audio files”

Once the team and the coach have to sleep, it depends. Nagelsmann has left nothing to chance to ensure that the nights before the big games are so relaxing.

“I have a coach, I have some audio files of him which are supposed to help me fall asleep”, launches the native of Landsberg irrelevant and also reveals: “I should also go for a walk in the forest, but I’ve never done that (laughs).”

Hopefully his players are more obedient than him when it comes to training demands.

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