Leni Klum: A short trip to Düsseldorf

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Leni Klum’s short stay in Düsseldorf

Rising model Leni Klum came a few hours from Cannes to announce the new collection of hair straighteners and other beauty products from ghd at Schadow Arkaden. There were also many young social media stars among the guests.

A little late, young model Leni flew to Düsseldorf from Cannes in a black pantsuit with a crop top for a few hours on Saturday to advertise the new collection of hair straighteners, hair dryers & Co . from ‘ghd’ to stir. The 17-year-old daughter of Heidi Klum and Formula 1 manager Flavio Briatore has been surprisingly calm in the face of the onslaught of many fans and influencers. One of her companions made sure that no one gets too close to her – none other than grandfather Günther Klum (76).

Leni – currently no longer traveling the world with blonde hair, but brown hair – has not been in her mother’s shadow for a long time. It can be seen on the covers of magazines and is already parading on important international catwalks. Today she is considered one of the most sought-after young models in the fashion world, has her own collection and several advertising contracts (eg for Dior and Deichmann).

Besides the 17-year-old, who is looking forward to next weekend’s Coachella festival in the California desert, a number of other Gen Z social media celebrities came to Düsseldorf on Saturday. Everyone had great hair, after all, the event was about styling products. Host Riccardo Simonetti has revealed that he only leaves the house with his hair flawless. Fitness influencer Pamela Reif has revealed a trick to keep her curls and waves in shape for days: “Before I go to bed, I twist the hair on the back of my head into two bananas and fix it with clips. Shake the mane in the morning and everything looks perfect without much effort.

Twins Lisa and Lena Mantler thrilled their fans. With their videos on Tik Tok and Instagram, the 19-year-old is one of the most successful social media stars. Tik Tok is also the medium of the Elevator Boys. The hallmarks of the boy band are trendy clothes, cool hairstyles and videos shot in elevators. They are often compared to the Backstreet Boys. Small difference: they don’t sing, they take the elevator.

With the event, Björn Überschär, boss of Sephora Germany and Jens Ciliax, managing director of ghd, caused long queues and a full house. Incidentally, the special Tik Tok moment was provided by a 360-degree camera that floated influencers and customers through pastel-colored clouds.

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