Let’s Dance: full of points for René Casselly


April 11, 2022 – 08:36 look

In the sixth performance of “Let’s Dance”, circus artist René Casselly has clearly reached his limits. Only twenty points for his samba! A punch to the pit of the stomach for the 25-year-old who is otherwise used to success. A week later, he makes you forget all that – with a murderous Argentine Tango. And we’re putting the final on the line at the end of May… You can see the whole sensational performance in the video above in full.

“Goosebumps! Anything that can hold! »

I can’t believe what they just put on the floor! René and his professional dance partner Kathrin Menzinger received a standing ovation and scored 30 points for their tango to the song “Assassin’s Tango”. “It means so much to us”, thanks the artist to the jury.

If it had been up to juror Jorge González, the couple would have received many more points: “Not just ten points! It’s twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty points! Crazy!” Each member of the jury can award a maximum of ten points. Juror and ex-professional dancer Motsi Mabuse struggles to find the right words for what host Daniel Hartwich calls “the loudest tango in ‘Let’s Dance’ history!” I hate repeating myself – but I HAVE TO DO IT ! Dude [Tango] never, never, NEVER, NEVER…!” Shortly before, the 41-year-old frenziedly praised moderator Janin Ullmann’s Charleston!

Juror Joachim Llambi even dares to look to the future: “If nobody weakens until the final, I think it will be a very hot affair here at the end of May!” It’s no wonder Casselly, 25, has tears (of joy) in her eyes. “Hats off”, as Jorge González says.

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