Marine Le Pen wants to convince Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s voters to support her in the second round

Marine Le Pen wants to campaign for votes wherever she can – including on the left – to win the presidential election against Emmanuel Macron. The candidate of the National Rally (RN) bets on the centrality of the question of purchasing power and social measures in her program and wants in particular to address voters who are disappointed with Jean-Luc Mélenchon (21.95%) who won in the presidential election Third was ballot behind her (23.15%) and Emmanuel Macron (27.84%).

“I say to the voters of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, be really rebellious, (…) Don’t save Emmanuel Macron’s head, don’t sign up for retirement at 65 or the social harm of public service.launched the spokesman for the RN, Sébastien Chenu, on Monday 11 April on LCI.

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On Sunday evening, during her speech after announcing her qualification for the second round, the candidate invited “All Who Didn’t Vote” for Mr. Macron at the ” to join “Defending a project by ” social justice “ and from “Protection”a nod to the voters of the “rebellious” candidate.

Don’t reduce “the pool of votes to LR or Eric Zemmour’s voters”

Moreover, the candidate for the Elysee Palace did not directly quote her far-right rival Eric Zemmour, who finished fourth with 7.07% of the votes (out of twelve candidates) and called for a vote for her, or the Republican candidate, Valérie Pécresse (4, 78%).

It is that the RN candidate’s voting reserves in Mr Zemmour and his 2017 ally Nicolas Dupont-Aignan put her at around 34% to their level in the second round of five years ago. For this reason you should not do this “Reduce the vote pool to LR or Eric Zemmour”, said RN Acting President Jordan Bardella. For him the second round ” will be [le vote] Anti-Macron”.

The voter pool is located “Among the abstentions, but also in the protest elections – and there you have Mélenchon, you have Zemmour, you have Jean Lassalle – there is no shortage of people who no longer want to see Emmanuel Macron in the Elysée,” On Monday, RTL swamped RN Vice President Louis Aliot.

“For the rest, classical law no longer exists, so to speak, and what remains of it is less receptive than ever to Marine Le Pen’s discourse. This leads him to develop his social theme to encourage support or abstention among left-wing voters .explains the pollster and political scientist Jérôme Sainte-Marie, who is given a lot of attention at RN.

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A difficult approach to his far-right rival

The support of Reconquest!, the Mme Le Pen had accused of harboring “Nazis”who came from the old ranks of his own party, is proving to be a double-edged sword, especially since Mr Macron associates it as such “Two sides of the same coin”.

Reaching out to the defected RN executives seems difficult. Marion Maréchal doubted her aunt’s ability to win without her at Europa 1 on Monday “alliances” To the right. “Forming a unity government with people from the left like Arnaud Montebourg seems to me a completely unrealizable fantasy: these people will never come.”she snapped at him.

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Nicolas Bay, former Vice President of the Front National (who became an RN in 2018), the Executive Vice President of Reconquête! been assured that there is none “no haggling” in support of Mr. Zemmour to In the run-up to the general election, Le Pen is arguing with past defectors “of no return”.

The mayor of Béziers, Robert Ménard, support from Mme Le Pen, even contemplated that the candidate might ” happen “ the support of Mr. Zemmour, considering that the leader of Reconquete! failed because “Hardness [de sa ligne] » .

Mr. Mélenchon called for “ The pencil “

For La France insoumise (LFI), Mr Mélenchon’s message is clear: “We may The pencil “as he repeated several times during his speech on Sunday evening. “We know who we will never vote for”, he added. On Monday morning, Adrien Quatennens, deputy and supporter of the LFI candidate, reiterated this appeal to left-wing voters who were upset by an RN election on March 24. on the microphone of France Inter :

“Voting for the far right is not an option. I’m saying clearly that people have nothing to gain from a win for Marine Le Pen, clearly, so that’s not an option. For the rest, the full responsibility for what will happen in the second round lies [à] Emmanuel Macron, who bears first and foremost responsibility for the level at which the extreme right is today. »

In the ninth wave of Ipsos-Sopra Steria with Cevipof and the Jean Jaurès Foundation for The world published the report on the votes of Mr. Mélenchon in favor of Mr. Mélenchon on April 6, ahead of the first round of the presidential Le Pen was estimated at around 21%.

The director of the polling institute Ipsos, Brice Teinturier, told Agence France Presse on Monday that Mr Mélenchon’s voters intend to vote at this point “34% for Emmanuel Macron, 30% for Marine Le Pen, that’s more than 2017, and 36% for staying at home.”.

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