Presidential election: pensions, purchasing power… what to remember from the interview with Emmanuel Macron on BFMTV

After qualifying for the second round of the presidential elections, Emmanuel Macron answered questions from BFMTV in Carvin im Pas-de-Calais this Monday, April 11.

For his first intervention in this intermediate round, the outgoing President Emmanuel Macron, who had qualified for the second round this Sunday, answered questions from BFMTV this Monday at 7 p.m. live from Hauts-de-France.

Pensions, purchasing power, security, Ukraine: In a 30-minute interview, the head of state outlined his vision of the country’s future.

pension reform

“The project I defend has been put at the top,” declared Emmanuel Macron on BFMTV, “it is a sign of trust.”

“What is eating away at our territory is mass unemployment. We have never reduced unemployment so much, we will continue to invest in reindustrialization,” Emmanuel Macron said on BFMTV on Monday evening.

And further: “I would like to balance the pension system and index old-age pensions to inflation from July 1st this summer. Normally, pensioners have to wait until January 1, 2023. I would also like to raise the pension minimum.” 1100 euros a month”.

“When we are in trouble, we buy more words, we want action,” explains Emmanuel Macron, explaining the reasons why an entire electorate refused to follow him in the first round. “We will go ahead, invest, bring back businesses, train the unemployed, better integrate RSA beneficiaries,” he pleads.

Asked about his proposal to raise the statutory retirement age to 65, Emmanuel Macron defended the measure, which he said “balance the pension system”reasoned Emmanuel Macron.

The presidential candidate recalled that he defended a minimum pension of 1,100 euros for a full career. “I don’t want to split the country,” continued Emmanuel Macron, but considers that “the special regimes no longer fit the reality of the country”. “If I were a demagogue and wanted to be elected, I would suggest retiring at 60, but how do we finance that?” he began, referring in particular to the Mélenchon program.

Emmanuel Macron promises to “coordinate” his pension reform, which in particular lowers the statutory retirement age to 65, in order to “improve together”. “We won’t do it overnight.” He promises to gather, to convince, to give concerts. And does not rule out the use of a referendum.

purchasing power

Asked about purchasing power and the rise in energy prices, Emmanuel Macron defended the government’s tariff protection for electricity, an instrument that is “massively more effective than reducing VAT”. “Customs protection must exist as long as necessary,” said the presidential candidate.

“We did that first Discount of 18 cents, then we put pressure on the world markets. I defend the social report on this issue,” declared Emmanuel Macron. “Despite everything we’ve done, people say ‘we don’t make a good enough living from our work.’ I tell them, ‘The worker has the right to benefit as much as the shareholder when things are going well in the company.’”

He also wants to raise the ceiling the Macron premium of 6,000 euros. “There is power in this bonus. It is free for the employer and tax-free for the employee”.

“The Republican Front is no longer a reality”

Emmanuel Macron will call all candidates, “congratulate” them and “exchange”. “If I want to unite, you have to listen. There are people with whom I have no reconcilable positions. Yesterday I applauded from all the candidates.”

I want to be the candidate that appeals to everyone. The country is broken, I’m very clear. There are things I haven’t heard enough about. I could do nothing and act’ without listening to the other candidates, he said, recalling that he would reach out on issues such as ecology. “The Republican front is no longer a reality.”

“I condemn Ms. Le Pen’s ideas, but she is someone I respect.” He also said he found the comments against him after the 2017 inter-round debate “inappropriate”.

war in Ukraine

“I am ready to go to Kyiv if it is useful”. Emmanuel Macron has not ruled out traveling to Ukraine soon to meet President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. “But I won’t do it for an embassy visit, I want it to be useful. I did everything to end the war and I protect the French from a prolongation of the war dialogue, then maybe a visit makes sense”.

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