Removed mechanics would have made you collect dreams

Dataminers and modders continue to find content that was removed from “Elden Ring” before its release. A mechanism has now been shown on YouTube, parts of which could still be found in the network test that took place in 2021.

According to dataminers and modders, the massive open-world game “Elden Ring” has almost become even more massive. Again and again, fans dig cut content into the depths of the game’s data. Lance McDonald and Sekiro Dubi have now unveiled a feature on YouTube that sadly didn’t make it into the full version of “Elden Ring.” By doing so, players could have collected the dreams of sleeping enemies.

Dream mechanics in network test version

Some of this functionality was still there in the network test for “Elden Ring” which took place last November. Lance McDonald and Sekiro Dubi tackled the test build and were able to restore the dream mechanic. The feature would have allowed players to collect “Dream Mist” from enemies who were sleeping soundly. These were marked with a white mist around their heads and could not have been awakened.

To access this mechanic, players would have had to ally with a monk in the Scavenger Hut. The shack was renamed Stormhill Shack in the full game Elden Ring and is now home to the NPC Roderika. The Scavenger’s Shack monk reportedly gave players the St. Trina Crystal Ball item, which could have been used to siphon off the “Dream Mist”.

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The monk would then have brewed “Dreambrew” from the fog. Which would have caused the brewing, but we are divided. This could have been another way to get summons in Elden Ring. However, Lance McDonald shows that you can unlock special dialogue options with various NPCs and thus discover additional secrets.

Source: Eurogamer, Sekiro Dubi YouTube

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