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Swirl around this greeting…

In the semi-final of “Love Island”, a message to the candidate Jendrik (21) sowed animosity. His eminent sister-in-law Sarah Engels (29) surprisingly contacted him. The singer had something important to say to the blond boy.

In the dome show, Islander Inna (25) turned her head a lot. But the blonde made Jendrik wiggle again and again and didn’t want to kiss him either. When residents received feedback from viewers of the villa, Inna grew bigger for it. The accusation: you’re only playing with his feelings.

Sharp criticism that affected her. Bremen is angry: “My friends love me as I am. And the others are free to think what they want. ” But the headwind did not calm down after that. Finally, Jendrik also received a video – of his brother and his wife Sarah Engels (29).

Everyone stared at the mesmerized screen. The singer and her husband in the message: “We are really proud of you. It’s really nice to see you there.” According to the couple, Jendrik should continue and maybe go out some more.

Sandrine (left) was in no mood for Bocc and broke up with himFoto: RTLZWEI/obs

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Sandrine (left) was in no mood for Bocc and broke up with himPhoto: RTLZWEI/obs

However, the message ended with words of warning. Regarding her love island flirtation, Sarah advised her brother-in-law, “Don’t let them play with you, don’t let them keep you warm! You don’t need that.” Inna took the dig personally Although Jendrik tried to do some damage control in a one-on-one conversation, his mood never improved.

The islander assured him, “I just want you to know that I don’t expect anything from you. I don’t want you to feel pressured right now.” But her lover wouldn’t give in. In the consultation room, she explained, “Even if he can’t help it, it’s in my subconscious, because of course it affects his family.” How things will continue with the two of them after the show has been in the stars.

Cindy and Mark are or are in the finale of Foto: RTLZWEI/obs

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Cindy and Mark are or are in the finale of “Love Island” Photo: RTLZWEI/obs

The end came sooner than expected. Before the Grand Finals, the couples were properly eliminated. Sandrine (28) having broken up with Bocc (23), both had to leave the island. Carina (23) and Chris (27), who were rejected by viewers, were then affected.

When the residents were finally supposed to send a couple home themselves, the final choice fell on Jendrik and Inna. In the final are Léon (25) and his Leonie (27), Cindy (25) and Mark (23) as well as Jennifer (23) and Nico (26).

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