Sarah Lopez: “It was a horror”, she speaks without taboo about her fear of becoming pregnant with Tom Brusse

By Betty Ramez

– Posted on Apr 11, 2022 at 3:35pm

While Sarah Lopez gave an interview to Jeremstar on Sunday April 10, the young woman opened up about her fears of becoming pregnant with Tom Brusse.

Unless you haven’t connected to that social networks impossible for weeks to tell the story of Sara lopez. Met Tom Brusse in a relationship for 5 months 10 perfect pairsthe young woman did not hesitate to encourage him to enter the Spanish version of secret story. Howeverthe candidate quickly became disillusioned. After only 24 hours he started flirt with another young woman who is also named Sarah before the breakup Sarah Lopez in direct a premium. A humiliation seen by thousands of spectators. Since then, the pretty brunette has been trying rebuild and for this she decided to confide during an interview with Jeremstar.

And she even revealed that she was scared of getting pregnant with Tom Brusse after everything he did to her: “I confess that I was very shocked at first when he left me because my period was 12 days late. And I confess that I was even more stressed after wondering if I was pregnant, so I took pregnancy tests every day. It was awful and actually, no, it was the hormones. And I say to myself “that’s not possible”, that happens to me and if I also found out that I’m pregnant, it would have been complicated. » But if that had really been the case, would the young woman have decided to keep this child?

Sarah Lopez would have raised her child alone

Sarah Lopez answers without taboos: “Yes, it’s fine, me would have kept it and even if it meant raising her alone, I would have. I would like to start a family life, but unfortunately I always meet the bad guys. I am frustrated, I am very very frustrated in the sense of saying to myself, ‘What happened in his head? “Tom never loved me in the end. » Luckily it was just a false alarm. We wish him now full of courage to endure this terrible ordeal.

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