2022 Presidential Election: Calling LFI voters, funding the program, retiring at 62… what to remember from Marine Le Pen’s intervention on TF1 news

While Emmanuel Macron was holding a meeting in Strasbourg, Marine Le Pen was interviewed on TF1 news this Tuesday, April 12. The RN candidate was able to develop several points of her program for the second round of presidential elections on April 24.

“National Association”

Questioned by Anne-Claire Coudray and Gilles Bouleau, Marine Le Pen began her intervention with a call for national unity, “but especially to Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s constituents.

Considering the latter can be found in her program, she argued by stating that she had the project “most protective” on a social level. Unlike Emmanuel Macron, who, in her opinion, proposes a “policy of toughness”.

Immigration and European Union

Then Marine Le Pen was asked about the EU. An issue on which the current President believes she is showing a form of ambiguity and that her wish may be to leave the European Union. “What Emmanuel Macron says is completely wrong”. It intends to reduce France’s net contribution to 4 billion. “Currently it’s 9 billion.”

When asked how she would reduce immigration to France, she went on to say that “control of immigration” would be organized through referendums that would change the French constitution and therefore could not face European intervention. “I no longer accept that we welcome people who come to France by a set of European rules and are somehow forced to welcome them.”


This is an issue on which the two candidates are diametrically opposed. If Emmanuel Macron intends to push the retirement age to 65, Marine Le Pen intends to keep it at 62. “What is important is not the number of pensioners, but the weight of pensions as a percentage of GDP”She challenges the argument of the aging of the French population.

At this point, she thinks that’s right “It’s a societal decision” What do the French have to do on April 24? “The challenge is to reach retirement healthy”.

“My pensions are not falling! On the other hand, they decrease when you retire at 65 or 64!” the candidate continues, citing a bill “encourages young people to enter the labor market early: young people under 20 who enter the labor market retire at 40”.


“We must restore the criminal chain”believes Marine Le Pen. She speaks of a doubling of the number of judges if she were elected, with the possibility of training police inspectors.

Then it maintains a flagship measure of its program: “Repatriation of Foreign Offenders and Criminals to their Country”.

Reserved support for French

Another flagship measure of the RN: reserve social assistance for the French and withhold it from foreigners. The only exception to this rule would be for sure “Solidarity Aid” (she mentions the RSA and the APL) if a non-French national has worked full-time for at least 5 years.

program funding

68 billion euros. That is how highly the RN candidate’s program would be rated. How is she going to finance that? “By reducing bad public spending”. In particular, she mentions the expenses for private consulting firms in the McKinsey case. But also the abolition of the ARS, in their opinion “proved their incompetence” during the pandemic.

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