Arbovirus alert: WHO warns of killer viruses! Is humanity facing the next death pandemic?

In addition to the corona virus, the WHO also procures other viruses: Experts warn of arboviruses, which are transmitted through insect bites and can spread at breakneck speed. Is humanity now threatened by a new pandemic?

WHO warns of possible arbovirus outbreaks. (symbolic photo)
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In addition to the corona virus, there are other viruses that can cause serious to fatal infections. Now the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that insect-borne viruses pose a ‘growing’ risk, and even a new Pandemic can trigger.

WHO warns against arboviruses: is a new pandemic imminent?

The WHO has warned against arboviruses such as Zika, yellow fever virus, chikungunya and dengue, which are transmitted by ticks or mosquitoes. These are top of the list for a possible global wave of infections. “The next pandemic could most likely be caused by a new arbovirus. And we also have signs that the risk is increasing,” said Dr. Sylvie Briand, director of the WHO’s Global Infectious Hazard Preparedness Team. , during a press conference on Thursday (03/31/2022). The press conference took place on the occasion of the World Conference WHO Arbovirus Initiative instead, “Daily Mail” reported. Especially with regard to the corona pandemic, one would have experienced the “hard way” “what it means to not be sufficiently prepared for events of great importance”, explains Dr. Sylvie Briand.

Dengue, Zika, Yellow Fever Virus and Co.! WHO wants to stop epidemics with initiative

With the initiative, experts are trying to develop strategies to prevent a repeat of the Covid 19 pandemic. Since 2016, more than 89 countries have faced outbreaks of Zika, while the risk of yellow fever “has increased since the early 2000s,” according to experts. The yellow fever virus and dengue fever would also guarantee a high risk of epidemics. Both trigger hemorrhagic fever and can lead to death. Yellow fever also causes jaundice. Chikungunya is relatively unknown but is present in 115 countries and causes severe arthritis that damages the joints. The WHO advises against being bitten by mosquitoes, especially with regard to the yellow fever virus, although there is a vaccine.

With this initiative, the WHO now wants to develop strategies to prevent generalized epidemics. In view of “the frequency and scale of epidemics” of arboviruses, in particular those transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes, international action is essential. the tools in place and how they can be used across diseases to ensure effective response, evidence-based practice, well-equipped and trained staff and community engagement,” said Dr. Mike Ryan, Program Leader of WHO emergency.

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