At least 13 injured: shots fired in a New York subway station

Status: April 12, 2022 6:11 p.m.

At least 13 people were shot and injured at a New York City subway station, police said. The assailant may be on the run.

Several people were shot dead in a subway station in the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York. Firefighters attended the station after reporting smoke and found several people down, a New York Fire Department spokesperson said. At least 13 people were injured in the incident – although it is unclear how many of them were hit by bullets.

A photo from the scene showed people tending to blood-stained passengers. The injured man was lying on the floor of the metro station.

“There was ‘only one shooting'”, Peter Mücke, ARD New York, on the New York subway incident

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Shots were fired at rush hour

The shots were fired during the morning rush hour, it was reported ARD correspondent Peter Mücke. The emergency services were alerted around 8:30 a.m. local time. The subway station is in lower Manhattan in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood, Mücke said. Sunset Park was once mostly industrial, but today many young people and families live and work there as well.

Several metro lines meet at the station, whose trains used to stop at the stations. There have been many delays and cancellations. Schools in the area around the station have been temporarily closed, US media quoted a spokesperson for the New York school system as saying. Only school children were allowed in, but no one else and no one left.

Police give green light: no active explosive device

Broadcaster CNN showed cellphone video of the subway entering the station, showing smoke billowing from the carriage and people holding clothes in front of their faces. Police said a smoke grenade detonated before the shots were fired. Contrary to what was initially reported, no active explosive device was found, New York police said on Twitter. She also urged people to avoid the area around the station.

Possible fugitives

Investigators are now looking for a person wearing a gas mask and an orange work vest. Brooklyn Borough Mayor Mark Levine wrote on Twitter that the suspected shooter remains at large.

Like ARD correspondent Antje Passenheim reported from New York, a terrorist background at work currently seems unlikely. In recent months, however, incidents involving firearms have become a growing problem in the city.

‘Doesn’t indicate a terrorist past’, Antje Passenheim, ARD New York, on NYC subway shootings

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US President Biden briefed

US President Joe Biden has been notified of the shooting, his spokeswoman said. Senior White House officials are in contact with New York City Mayor Eric Adams and police leadership. If necessary, the government is ready to give the city all the help it needs.

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