Battlefield 2042: The ordeal for the game from DICE and EA continues

Gaming News Battlefield 2042: The ordeal for the game from DICE and EA continues

It’s hard to say that the launch of Battlefield 2042. The commercial version of the game, released on November 18, is far from having won over players. Poorly designed maps, a lot of bugs, lack of promised content, unbalanced operators… Many were the complaints.

A situation that led more than 150,000 players to sign a petition demand repayment of the title outside the usual framework and which are not settled with the announcement of the title Season 1 postponement at the beginning of summer.

Battlefield 2042: A True Descent into Hell on PC

However, Battlefield 2042 has received many corrective patches and new tools have been added to the portal mode, but the public has not massively returned to the title. To give you an idea, Steam peaked at launch with over 100,000 players, in December that was the total fell to 47,000, then 17,400, then 5600. In the last 30 days and according to Stream Charts data, the maximum number of players connected to the game through the Valve platform from 3241. An extremely low sum for a game of this magnitude, which also benefits from an enormous history.

Historically low player count for Battlefield to track

But it is not finished yet. For the very first time since its launch Battlefield 2042 dropped below 1,000 players last night connected at the same time. Around 951 players are currently playing the Steam version of the game. Keep in mind that console gamers still exist, but in any case, this is a sad record for the franchise. This number of players is all the more striking as the opposite of Battlefield V, the oldest of Battlefield 2042. currently has an average of 11,429 players over the last 30 days.

According to various sources, including those of Tom Henderson, who is very aware of this type of thing, DICE would have abandoned the idea of ​​creating the “ultimate” Battlefield from Battlefield 2042. to focus on a new opus that is much closer to those who made the success of the series. Until then, Season 1 and its content are still expected in the summer while that a patch should be coming very soon Fix stubborn bugs and balance weapons and vehicles.

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