Elden Ring completes in less than 7 minutes thanks to zipline glitch

Anyone who has been following the Elden Ring news over the past few days shouldn’t have been able to avoid one of the many reports on the latest speedrun records. Incredible times are largely possible thanks to the zip line glitch. Now the last record has been set with less than 7 minutes.

What was going on with the speedrunners?

  • Since the release of Elden Ring on February 25, the race for sprinters continues. Times got shorter and shorter, and the more speedrunners analyzed the game, the more sophisticated and complicated the tactics became.
  • Where others need more than 120 hours, sprinters initially ran runs of around 2 hours, which many found impressive.
  • Then even the 30 minutes were cracked. With the discovery of the zipline problem, the times quickly decreased.
  • On Saturday April 9, we reported the best time at Elden Ring at the time, which was 12 minutes and 13 seconds. This was implemented by Distortion2.
  • This record has already been hotly debated in our reviews as it was made possible through the use of the zipline glitch.

Now that record has also been broken by the same speedrunner. At 6 minutes and 59 seconds, the current world record is actually under the 7 minute mark, which many thought could not be beaten.

An opinion: There are different categories for speedruns. These records are called “Any% Runs” which are not subject to any rules. All means provided by the game are allowed. This also includes bugs and issues. Again, cheaters are not allowed under any circumstances.

Here you can see the video of the current world record (as of April 12, 6:50 p.m.):

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Speedrunner is done with the “until there’s something new” category

Here’s what Distortion2 has to say about their record: In the description of the video, the speedrunner says he’s “done this category” and is waiting for new things to be found. At the same time, he himself was “shocked” to have come to this.

For the speed run, the player started with the wanderer. In order to shorten the animations and these times, the game is frequently reloaded. The only location that is also not accessible with the glitch is Farum Azula.

Therefore, the player takes a regular shortcut through a secret path. Using a zipline problem, he then takes a direct route to the boss there. After he dies, you can exit this room, again using a glitch, just before the final boss.

Nothing works without the zipline problem. But what is it in fact?

“Zip” Glitch Makes Crazy Times Possible

What is this bug? Of course, we are not going to give here a detailed guide on how to exploit this bug. We only describe the important things here so that you can get an idea of ​​the method.

This is common practice among speedrunners, and similar issues have been seen in previous games from the same developers: Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro.

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The “official” Speedsouls Wiki even has its own entry called “Zipping”.

Here is the definition:

A Zip is a glitch in Elden Ring that allows players to overcome distances using very high speed/acceleration, thereby teleporting the player to new locations very quickly. It is achieved by aligning specific animations with very precise inputs at specific points in the animations. Reaching another location is almost instantaneous after zipping, in the next few frames.

via wiki.speedsouls.com

These zips can vary greatly in their exercise. The entries must therefore not only be perfectly synchronized for each zip, but also adapted to each zip.

The distance traveled also varies depending on the zip. You can also get stuck on visible and invisible objects during Zips.

So it takes a lot of testing and experimentation to find a route to follow in a sprint and then nail it down perfectly. It also requires calculations of which frames and when animations should be turned on.

Performance issues can apparently also throw a spanner in the works, and Elden Ring currently has a lot of frame drops, regardless of hardware.

This method therefore makes it possible to achieve extremely short times in sprint races. If everything works, it’s also very simple and bypasses a lot of the content. But there are certain factors that can easily destroy a race.

In order to create the “Zip”, you must catch several “perfect images” in a row. According to his description, the speedrunner managed 13 perfect frames in this run, which requires incredibly good timing.

In the comments, players react in awe of how the sprinter is breaking one world record after another.

He has repeatedly broken his own records, since only on Saturday the last record was almost halved. However, as the sprinter says, it could be a long time before that number is reduced.

However, the last few days have shown that things can also move very quickly. But what do you think of the thing? Is it problematic for you that there is a problem at play here? Or is that a completely normal thing for you in speedruns?

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