Emmanuel Macron “ready for discussion” and open to a referendum

The presidential candidate also says he is willing to “open the door” to moving the retirement age to 64 instead of 65.

I’m ready to discuss.” Emmanuel Macron wanted to calm down this Monday regarding his pension reform. A controversial measure for which he said he was open to a referendum during an interview on BFMTV on Monday. “I’m ready to discuss the rhythm and the limits”he assured, adding that he wanted a “new method” the consultation. “clarification needed” to this reform he hinted further.

In addition, he said on Monday that he was ready to move the retirement age, which the qualified candidate wants to move up to 65 in the second round of the presidential election, from the current 62 “move” and “to open the door” to a postponement to 64 years, “when there is too much tension” and “It can create consensus”. “I’m willing to put the relationship on hold and say that if I sense too much fear among people, we won’t necessarily reform by 2030. Because on Sunday night we can’t say, “I want to gather,” and when we listen, people say, “I’m not moving.”he underlined during a trip to Pas-de-Calais. “The 65 years are not a dogma”, he added, answering questions during a tour, also referring to a “Review Clause in 2027”.

“We just kept one magic numberof 65 years who nevertheless “Not before 2030”She, too, felt sorry for the LREM candidate at BFMTV. When asked if that number could be reduced to 64 given the reluctance of the French, he said yes. “I’m clearly opening the door (…) maybe we have to stop in 2027 if there’s too much tension and not anticipate the rest.” of the reform, he specified, knowing that his current project is to postpone the retirement age by 4 months per year from 2023.

“Only for future generations”

Pension reform, suspended in March 2020 due to imprisonment, is being defended by the presidential candidate as a financial necessity to make up the system’s deficit. However, this new version willdifferent from 2017 because the macroeconomic conditions are not the same”, he promised in early April. Emmanuel Macron wants to implement”a universal nutrition easier” But this time “only for future generations‘, which would involve the abolition of the main special systems and taking into account long careers and the arduousness of the professions. “People in the toughest jobs have to leave earlier‘ he confirmed on Monday. As in 2019, he proposed a system “individualized” with an analysis of the arduousness of the tasks each has mastered in the course of his career. He suggested free social security screenings at ages 40 and 65 to assess this.

A departure at 62 for Marine Le Pen

To him, Marine Le Pen pledged to maintain the legal maximum age of 62 while creating a more affordable system for those entering the workforce at the youngest age. During the election campaign, other candidates such as Jean-Luc Mélenchon had spoken out in favor of lowering this starting age. A suggestion to which Emmanuel Macron replied: “If I were a demagogue and wanted to be elected, I would suggest retiring at 60, but how do you fund that?‘ he tackled on BFMTV.

Beyond retirement age, Emmanuel Macron wants to improve the living standards of pensioners by promising to index pensions to inflation.from this summerand a full career floor set at 1100 euros per month. He also supports a minimum pension of 85% of the minimum wage for farmers.

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