Giovanni Zarrella Show: This is the secret of success – One comment

Last Saturday (April 9), the fourth edition of “The Giovanni Zarrella Show” aired on ZDF. Once again, the show received excellent reviews and good ratings. The latter were much better than the programs “The Masked Singer” (Pro 7) and “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (RTL), which were broadcast at the same time. There are good reasons for this. This is usually far more than competition for the perceived monopoly of Feste broadcasts. A comment.

Giovanni Zarrella brings a breath of fresh air with his show

When Giovanni Zarrella took over from Carmen Nebel in September 2021, the Italian was more than ever the center of attention. For him, a big dream came true, but at the same time, there was a lot of pressure on his shoulders. Before the broadcast, I hoped there would be more variety in show business and of course that Giovanni would be rewarded with all his heart and soul. And that’s exactly what happened. In the meantime, a number of big Schlager stars have appeared there. In the current issue, even greats like Roland Kaiser, Andrea Berg and Andreas Gabalier celebrated the TV premieres of their new hits. It was otherwise almost exclusively in Feste broadcasts on Jürgens TV. In addition, one thing that is very often criticized for programs with Florian Silbereisen is better done: we do not always have the impression of having the same guests. The Giovanni Zarrella Show also gives a platform to pop musicians like Max Giesinger, Revolverheld and Wincent Weiss. Especially in the field of pop, there has never been such an opportunity for presentation. By inviting these stars, ZDF also achieves a coup: a much larger and younger target is targeted. ZDF has sorely lacked something like this so far.

Giovanni Zarrella Show: THAT makes the show so special

The Giovanni Zarrella Show’s recipe for success is easily explained: the host brings with him the warmth and hospitality of Italy. The show is authentic and familiar thanks to him. Again and again, he softens his presentations with personal anecdotes. I keep hearing from people around me who have never watched Feste’s shows that they checked out “The Giovanni Zarrella Show” and now tune in every time . My parents are a very personal example. They like to listen to the hits during family celebrations, as the majority of the German population does. But watching such a program for hours was never an option for her. They watch the show from Italian every time and always praise the work of the artist and the concept of the show.

Giovanni Zarrella Show: THAT would be the icing on the cake

In the past, television still had a magic, people had to get away from everyday life through television and experience security. Shows like “Wetten, dass..?” back when there were no streaming services. But it is precisely this magic that “The Giovanni Zarrella Show” was able to awaken. Negative comments are common on Twitter, but it seems to be a general trend there. Technical reviews are almost entirely positive. Also, the reviews seem to be taken seriously. If Giovanni often sang with the stars in the first editions, after some critical comments, this was much less the case, especially in the April edition. However, we must be careful not to go too much in the direction of the Feste shows with the programming and bet on “the safe bank”. Some artists repeatedly celebrate major success on the radio charts, including Saskia Leppin, Daniel Sommer, Anni Perka and Julian David, but are consistently ignored there. An Andy Borg or a Ross Antony already give a platform in their shows. If these “little” artists had a chance here too, I think everyone would be really happy. And please keep inviting stars from other genres – the variety provides refreshment.

MULTITALENT of the hit

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