“GNTM”-Show-Aus – Viola refutes Heidi Klum’s statements

Viola landed her first job – and therefore belies Heidi Klum’s assessment.photo: viola.gntm22.official

The shrill viola quickly became a fan favorite in the current season of ‘GNTM,’ but in the latest episode, it was suddenly over for the 21-year-old: Heidi Klum didn’t have a photo for her . The deciding factor was a scene during a shoot in which the candidate was supposed to apply for her dream job. Viola is aiming for a job helping the homeless, but wore a cropped top and a blazer that didn’t quite go together. The client, in this case the jewelry brand Six, was rather confused.

And there has also been negative feedback from Heidi Klum in this context. She told Viola: “I love you the way you are – even your messy nature, but customer feedback is more than they’re just scared to book you because they don’t know what they’re getting with you .”

Now, however, Viola has already got her first job after the release of “GNTM”, and it is difficult. Heidi Klum may have been wrong in her assessment…

Viola suddenly saw the face of Jean Paul Gaultier

On social media, many fans reacted in horror to Viola’s release and expressed their displeasure. For many viewers, the budding model wasn’t just the absolute highlight because of her pink hair. But it becomes clear: Viola can go her own way without the show behind her.

None other than Jean Paul Gaultier has secured the services of Viola, who features prominently in the fashion house’s latest ad campaign. Enthusiastic about it, she pointed the photos directly to her Instagram story.

It wasn’t long before many kudos were pouring in on Viola, and Heidi Klum is also one of the well-wishers. On Instagram, the boss of “GNTM” shared Gaultier’s post in her story and wrote succinctly: “Congratulations”. There was also the eye of the heart and the party emoji.

Viola models for Gaultier, Heidi congratulates.

Viola models for Gaultier, Heidi congratulates.Image: heidiklum/instagram

It’s unclear whether Heidi regrets her decision to cut Viola from the show early on. In any case, she is proud of her former protege. Now, it remains to be seen what will become of Viola in the future. It is not necessarily necessary to win the “GNTM” to make a career.

Incidentally, Jean Paul Gaultier also acted as a guest judge for the first time in the current season, and Viola had probably already marked him on this occasion.


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