In Germany, the government itself is divided on the issue of arms sales to Ukraine

Is Germany Helping Ukraine As Much As It Claims? Could she be more supportive, and if so, why not?

These questions have taken a growing place in the German public debate in recent days. Even inside the government, whose difficulty in showing a clear and coherent line has fueled criticism from those who accuse him of not engaging as actively as possible with Ukraine.

A new episode of this soap opera aired on Monday April 11th. Speaking in Luxembourg for a meeting with her European counterparts, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Greens) said she supports the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine. [Ce pays] needs more military equipment, especially heavy weapons”she said and explained it “The Horrifying Reality We Face Every Day” justified “absolutely clear” supply of such weapons. Therefore, “We have to be creative and pragmatic” to the’“Help Ukraine as soon as possible”, she added. A few minutes later, his statements made the front pages of several major German media outlets.

Dissonance within the governing coalition

In an article published on the news site on Thursday, April 7th Politically had actually revealed that the Social Democratic Chancellor (SPD) Olaf Scholz had refused to give the green light for the delivery of 100 Marder tanks to Ukraine. A delivery that had been prepared by her Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) and actively supported by Annalena Baerbock. To justify his decision not to supply these types of weapons immediately, Olaf Scholz declared before the Bundestag on April 6 that he was “It is important to coordinate in advance between the partners of NATO and the European Union [UE] »and “Nobody goes it alone, not even Germany”.

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Five days later he spoke out in favor of heavy arms deliveries to Ukraine ” as soon as possible “Annalena Baerbock has clearly indicated her difference to Olaf Scholz. Was it understood that the government’s line had evolved compared to the previous week and that the prejudices expressed by the chancellor at the time were no longer relevant? Absolutely not, said a spokeswoman for Olaf Scholz, explaining that he has not changed his mind and that the reasons he refused to ship tanks to Ukraine now are still valid.

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