‘Jauch vs. Sigl’: Thomalla beats Jauch when it comes to football

“Jauch vs. Sigl”
Thomalla beats Jauch when it comes to football

By Nina Jerzy

Jauch’s revenge against Sigl almost seems to succeed. But the “Schoolgirl Report” of the GDR becomes a bad omen. When Sophia Thomalla beats the former “Sportstudio” host in football, her fate is sealed.

Sophia Thomalla didn’t lie. The actress recommended herself as a sports expert for Günther Jauch’s team and really shone in this category – unfortunately not in favor of her captain. He needed all the help he could get. During the premiere of the new RTL quiz show “Jauch gegen Sigl”, Jauch fought against the actor “Bergdoktor” and his four prominent supporters.

“It was a really tough week for me. He and his team made me feel so wet and flat,” admitted Jauch. On the other hand on Monday, his chances of bringing 50,000 euros to his spectators were however good. After all, this time he was allowed to have four supporters by his side. In the end, Jauch only had the bitter realization: “Hans Sigl is now taking my wives.”

In addition to Thomalla, Jauch had also named comedians Wigald Boning and Torsten Sträter and singer Patricia Kelly to his team. Over the ten rounds, they were allowed to deliberate which of the four multiple-choice answers was correct. Kelly scored early on when, purely from a melodic standpoint, she guessed that American newcomer Gayle’s hit should be called “abcdefu” rather than “XS-SM-LXL-XYZ.” Boning knew that Belgian passports featured designs from famous comic strips. And Sträter was able to confirm that the sweets are traditionally cooked in copper cauldrons and then rolled. When it comes to soft porn education in the GDR, however, the Jauch team failed on every level.

“Will there be a fuck here on RTL?”

Presenter Oliver Pocher felt unexpectedly transported back to the long-lost times of the Cologne-based private broadcaster. “Will there be a fuck here on RTL?” Asked Pocher in round four. Jauch’s team should know to which show the GDR cult hit “Sieben Freckles” was often compared: “Sesame Street”, “TV Lottery”, “Hitparade” or “Schoolgirl Report”. “We ask the only one who was born in the GDR,” Jauch told Thomalla. The actress, unfortunately, was of no help. “I was born a month before the fall of the Wall,” she defended herself. “So you’re a Vollossi to me,” Pocher dismissed the objection.

Jauch finally connected to the innocent “Sesame Street”. His logic: the correct answer is always presented in a solo film – and RTL doesn’t show any erotic scenes with students, does it? However, the ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’ underestimated his employer. The viewers of “Jauch gegen Sigl” were briefly kidnapped from the GDR holiday camp by “Sieben Freckles” and in the studio at least one lady who still vaguely remembered the film was allowed to reminisce.

After ten laps, Jauch was clearly ahead of Sigl with 46 to 22 points. However, the opponent had won the four intermediate duels and each time eliminated one of Jauch’s passers for the final. “Günther Jauch is now trying to go at least to the final with Sophia Thomalla,” explained Pocher, but the top dog didn’t make it either. So he had to compete alone against the “Bergdoktor” in the final round. But this time Jauch won and scooped the €50,000 prize for his half of the studio audience. But that’s not all in the show, the sometimes complex structure that Jauch stood out from again and again. Because the finale was followed by the showdown to determine the ultimate winner of both shows.

Thomalla defeats Jauch

Jauch, visibly nervous, showed nervousness in the quick hits of the buzzer. “Who was the last German football champion not called Bayern Munich?”, for example, opponents should know. Austrian Sigl was here. Former “Sportstudio” moderator Jauch obviously struggled with himself, but came to the conclusion: “I dare not.” His sports expert Thomalla, on the other hand, called the correct answer: Borussia Dortmund.

In the end, Sigl combined strong nerves with speed and tactical skill. He gave the correct answer twice before Pocher read the questions completely. The actor finally emerged victorious in the duel “Jauch against Sigl” and was immortalized on the “Wall of Fame”. There were still four places left. Pocher therefore announced: “We will meet again in May, with a new opponent. Stay tuned.”

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