Kingdom Hearts 4: From Star Wars to Final Fantasy Versus XIII, what can we expect?

Gaming News Kingdom Hearts 4: From Star Wars to Final Fantasy Versus XIII, what can we expect?

This weekend, Square Enix held an event to celebrate 20 years of the Kingdom Hearts saga. On this occasion, the Japanese publisher took the opportunity to announce various games, including Kingdom Hearts IV as the highlight of the show. While the third opus was long overdue, what clues can we see in this first trailer?


  • Testuya Nomura still so attached to Versus XIII?
  • Finally Star Wars and the MCU in Kingdom Hearts?

The long-announced event celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts series ultimately didn’t disappoint fans. If some were only expecting derivative product and mobile game showcases (which was the case with the Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link showcase), Square Enix has a huge advantage up its sleeve. At the end of the event, Kingdom Hearts IV was revealedwhile most fans were betting on a new spin-off as the license has known quite a bit.

Testuya Nomura still so attached to Versus XIII?

In this three-minute trailer, we can see that after the events of Kingdom Hearts III, Sora awakens from a seven-day sleep in a world called Quadratum, which bears a strong resemblance to modern-day Tokyo. Greeted by Strelitzia, a crossover character in the mobile game Kingdom Hearts: Union X, the latter explains that it is a reality that one “posterity‘ for them, which could be translated as ‘life after death’. After some footage showing the city’s surroundings, a giant Heartless appears, prompting Sora to intervene. In a rather impressive and acrobatic sequence, we observe that the keyblade can now grab thanks to its chain and that our hero is more agile than ever when walking along the walls. At the end of the battle, it is discovered that members of Organization XIII had been watching the scene from the start. Finally, the trailer ends with Donald and Goofy exploring a dark place and having a terrifying encounter, likely Hades from the film. Hercules given the color change of the flames from blue to red.

Kingdom Hearts 4: From Star Wars to Final Fantasy Versus XIII, what can we expect?

After watching it, several fans on social media noticed it This announcement video shared many similarities with elements from Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Between the city reminiscent of Insomnia, the design of Sora looking more like Noctis, or even certain sequences that are visually very similar to old trailers of Versus XIII (when Sora walks on the facade of a building, for example), it seems that Tetsuya Nomura, the creator of the series and character designer Star at Square Enix, still not mourning this abandoned project. As a reminder, Final Fantasy Versus XIII was an ambitious title announced for the PS3 in 2006, intended to be part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis compilation that included Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII, which eventually became Final Fantasy Type-0. Despite being an important game for Tetsuya Nomura, the development had many complications to the point that the project was renamed Final Fantasy XV and taken out of the hands of its creator. Although Versus XIII and FFXV appear to be identical due to their gameplay and characters, the final product is actually very different from the original version envisioned by the creator of Kingdom Hearts (KH).

Kingdom Hearts 4: From Star Wars to Final Fantasy Versus XIII, what can we expect?

Since being stripped of the Final Fantasy Versus XIII project, Tetsuya Nomura has multiplied references to his baby in the KH saga. Beyond Riku’s design being similar to that of Noctis, the hero of Versus XIII/FFXV, it was particularly in KH III’s DLC, Kingdom Hearts III: ReMIND that the foot’s call was most explicit. In the secret episode of this additional content, Sora wakes up in the Final World where he can face Yozora, the hero of a fictional video game called Verum Rex. In fact, the latter once again have a lot in common with Noctis, be it in the meaning of their name or their design, their way of fighting, as well as their different poses. But where doubt is no longer allowed is when we look at the cutscene that plays out once the confrontation is over. If Sora wins the fight, then We’re entitled to a sequence where Yozora is awakened in the back of his car by his driver a shot-for-shot recreation of a Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer Airing in 2011. With all these hints, and following the announcement of Kingdom Hearts IV, it wouldn’t be surprising if Tetsuya Nomura picked up other ideas planned for Versus XIII to include her in Sora’s new adventures.

Final Fantasy Versus XII: You will never play this FF

Finally Star Wars and the MCU in Kingdom Hearts?

Kingdom Hearts 4: From Star Wars to Final Fantasy Versus XIII, what can we expect?

Aside from those similarities to that old Square Enix project, this first trailer for Kingdom Hearts IV also seems to give some hints about the worlds to visit. While most of the video takes place in quadrum, some early shots show us a lush forest. If this is a fairly commonplace environment in the world of video games, One detail in particular caught the attention of fans as we can see a round and gray shape at 0’34. Some then determined it could be the foot of an AT-ST Walker, a vehicle first seen Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi on the forest moon of Endor. But since the franchise has belonged to Disney since 2012, it’s entirely possible war of stars finally be one of the visitable worlds in Kingdom Hearts. A hypothesis that therefore seems likely, especially since some Disney live-action films have been present in KH for a long time, like Pirates of the Caribbean for example. And who knows, maybe the MCU, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, could show up in this fourth installment too?

Kingdom Hearts 4: From Star Wars to Final Fantasy Versus XIII, what can we expect?

But once the announcement effect is over, one wonders when we could get our hands on this famous Kingdom Hearts IV. On the Square Enix site, We delay by noting that the project is in “early development” while the trailer features a “magic in the making‘, which does not contain a time stamp. However, we do know that this new episode was developed thanks to Unreal Engine 5, an evolved version of Unreal Engine 4, the engine used by Kingdom Hearts III but also by Final Fantasy VII Remake, another project on which Tetsuya Nomura collaborates. Director. As this tool becomes more and more democratized within Square Enix, one can imagine that the development time will be shorter if the teams are used to using it regularly. However, we also recall that some projects led by Tetsuya Nomura have faced severe delays, such as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, announced in 2006 and finally released in 2016 under the name Final Fantasy XV, or even Kingdom Hearts III, released in 2013 for one Launch was revealed in 2019. Still, it’s important to note that the context is very different at Square Enix today and that such a scenario is unlikely to repeat itself.

Kingdom Hearts 4: From Star Wars to Final Fantasy Versus XIII, what can we expect?

In order to try to estimate the Kingdom Hearts IV release date, we also need to take a look at the calendar of AAA games at Square Enix. Now, with Forspoken scheduled for October 11, 2022, the Japanese publisher’s next big title is likely to be Final Fantasy XVI, then the second installment of Final Fantasy VII Remake, pointing to a 2023 that’s going to be quite busy with big releases . Based on these assumptions, which are not based on official information, one would be tempted to believe that KH4 is at least not planned until 2024., especially given what Square Enix is ​​saying. In any case, we still have to be patient because Tetsuya Nomura has announced that there will be no new information during the E3 period and that the game will only be discussed again much later. .

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