Nico Rosberg pulls down his pants

You need to test what is offered to you for investments. In the second episode “The Lion’s Den”, Nico Rosberg shows up in boxer shorts instead of suit pants for a change.

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What Constantin Ricken and Richard Getz praise in the new episode of “Die Höhle der Löwen” is tested by investor Nico Rosberg himself. The two describe themselves as “the saviors of the crown jewels”. With their “Silverton” underwear, they want to protect male soft tissues from electrical radiation. However, the product raises great doubts.

To demonstrate their underpants, founder Richard Getz strips down to his underwear without warning during the pitch. After the unexpected strip, Nico Rosberg jumps in and tries on the pants that are supposed to protect sperm himself.

Richard Getz and Constantin Ricken: They present their product in the “Lion’s Den”. (Source: RTL / Bernd-Michael Maurer)

The question in the room was whether such a “protective measure” was necessary. However, the two founders can only give a nebulous answer. Georg Kofler’s opinion is clear: “Well, I think that’s downright nonsense.” Nils Glagau also lacks scientific arguments: “It’s too much marketing in the sense of alarmism for me.” After Getz and Ricken couldn’t name a study, even Rosberg interested, all of the investors walked out.

Nico Rosberg in test mode: he wears one Nico Rosberg in test mode: He is wearing “Silverton” briefs. (Source: RTL / Bernd-Michael Maurer)

In addition to other products from the beauty and craft sectors, there will also be a tasting with consequences. Kerstin Hansen and Louis Lowe are mother and son, fasting enthusiasts and know a lot about gut health. They bring one Alternative to defecation in “The Lion’s Den” which works without salt or Glauber’s enemas: a variety of fermented plum from Southeast Asia. The lions react cautiously to the taste: “I have a train journey ahead of me today. How long do I have there?” asks Rosberg. Dümmel laughs: “Usually we are always so fast when it comes to eating and drinking.”

Nils Glagau is the first to dare, the others follow suit. The taste and the sense of the thing are convincing, but especially the mother-son duo. Dümmel is: “How you can present defecation so sympathetically and kindly.” After the taster and a talk on gut health, Glagau and Williams want to invest – at which point Hansen and Lowe ask if they can have both. Can they: With a joint offer of 100,000 euros for 30%, mother and son agree: “Of course we will.” Towards the end, Glagau couldn’t resist a saying: “Happy toilets!”

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