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50+ Z lenses and focus on high quality cameras are mentioned as lenses

As part of a medium-term management plan, Nikon has announced the objectives for the entire group until 2025. This also includes the objectives of the imaging field and gives a rough overview of the plans for the next years. The concentration on products with high added value is not surprising. The average selling price (“ASP”) is expected to increase by 20%, which can be achieved, among other things, through high-quality models with correspondingly higher prices.

Nikon does not comment more specifically on future product policy, but this goal can probably only be achieved by dispensing with cheap entry-level models. The presentation of particularly cheap DSLM or DSLR models seems very unlikely in the near future. Such models would undoubtedly defeat the purposes. The new compact cameras are probably just as far apart, except for the superzoom models, it is already almost impossible to buy a Coolpix camera in stores.

Nikon Imaging Business Strategy:

However, buyers of “cheaper” models (lower four-digit euro values) may still be somewhat satisfied, the features of the Nikon Z 9 (test report)

According to Nikon, we should also find them in other models in the future. Nikon doesn’t name specific functions here, but the autofocus system, the camera’s extremely high continuous frame rate and 8K video capability have come to mind as examples. This latter feature goes very well with Nikon’s stated aim of attracting more and more videographers. Plus, it could mean integrating other professional video features. Additionally, Nikon would like to offer improved remote control functionality and functions for automatic image capture. Licensing of existing technology is also an issue.

Another goal that Nikon is giving itself is the strengthening of the Z system. This is to be achieved, among other things, by introducing new Z lenses. By 2025, more than 50 lenses for mirrorless system cameras with a Z bayonet will be available , with more goals to follow later. Just over 30 models are listed on the current roadmap as of December 2021, so Nikon will maintain the high pace of development in the years to come.

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