Protests at nine locations: Climate activists paralyze Frankfurt city traffic

Just a day after their last action, environmental activists again blocked major hubs in Frankfurt. In nine places, motorists had no way to pass.

With sit-ins, climate activists once again caused traffic disruptions in Frankfurt on Tuesday morning. Almost simultaneously, starting around 8 a.m., they blocked important approaches to the city from all directions.

There were nine places where drivers could not pass, including on Theodor-Heuss-Allee at the exhibition grounds, Mainzer Landstraße, at the former Kaiserleikreisel and the Isenburger Schneise towards the A3. The end of the A66 motorway at Miquelallee and the adjacent Eschersheimer Landstrasse were also closed to the city center.

Glued to the street

According to their own statements, the police were on duty at the nine points with numerous forces. As in previous actions, some of the activists stuck to the asphalt. After about an hour, the first blocked lanes were free for traffic again. All blockages were cleared by late morning.

A man sits in a multi-lane street with a policeman standing in front of him

According to a spokesperson, the personal data of all campaign participants will be recorded and deportations issued. Those who do not comply could be temporarily detained. Additionally, the activists are under investigation and there are suspicions of coercion. You risk a fine. Legal experts consider a corresponding procedure to be “very Most likely”.

Energy transition needed

In a press release, the “Last Generation” group said it called on the government to move away from fossil fuels immediately. “We are desperate because the federal government continues its unchecked fossil madness in the face of impending climate collapse,” one of the activists said. “Our fear and desperation are so great that we give up everything and are ready to go to prison for our survival.”

The statement also criticizes plans to build hydraulic fracturing and liquid gas terminals from America and Qatar. Instead, the government should focus on renewable energy. Only these could create independence.

Stocks are piling up

It was not until Monday morning that activists from the group blocked major access roads along the A66 and A648 in Frankfurt and caused massive disruption to rush hour traffic. At the end of February, they blocked an access road to Frankfurt airport.

There was also an incident during the Bundesliga game between Eintracht Frankfurt and SC Freiburg on Sunday: At the start of the game, two environmental activists tied themselves to the goal post with cable ties and interrupted the game.

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