The Malian Army provides their details

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While Minusma has been waiting for more than a week for the authorities to give the go-ahead for investigations in Moura, the Malian army has clarified the course of the operation that took place there between March 23 and 31. Details have been distilled in recent days, particularly this weekend on the occasion of the passage of a ministerial delegation in this village in the center of the country.

The Malian Army would have been informed of a meeting scheduled for Sunday March 27th in Mura by the Katiba Macina, which is affiliated with the Support Group for Islam and Muslims (GSIM) and linked to AQIM. From Friday, Drones, airplanes and other surveillance tools used by the military ” Note the movements of several hundred terrorists, including a dozen ” base guide “. The leader of Katiba Macina, Hamadoun Koufa, who was apparently targeted by the army, was not found.

At 11 a.m. on Sunday, three special forces helicopters stormed the village. Several Malian soldiers – no exact number was given – then fell” under heavy enemy fire “. The army’s first communiqués did not mention any casualties among the Malian soldiers. Jihadist reinforcements were then ” neutralized by aviation and ground equipment “the army. One hundred and forty-five terrorists would thus have been killed” About by Mura.

Then, ” to avoid street fights ’, the Fama cordon off the village and the next day call on the population to regroup before they start with the ‘ rake “. Weapons caches catch fire while terrorists are inside. hence the charred bodies that some media and NGOs want to pass off as burned civilians “says the state daily, The rise. On Thursday morning, March 31st, the Malian special forces leave the village. Closing Balance: 203 jihadists neutralized and 51 arrested. The presence of Russian fighters next to the Fama is strongly denied.

Media around the world, as well as Malian and international human rights organizations, have reported allegations of human rights abuses by Malian forces and their numerous Russian auxiliaries, including summary executions of civilians and unarmed jihadists, for a full assessment at least 300 dead According to Human Rights Watch, many sources go even further.

Allegations are considered “ unfounded by the army and by the Malian Minister for National Reconciliation, who after the visit to Moura on Saturdaycalled : ” The population did not mention any killings by our Fama “.

An investigation into the Malian military judiciary is underway. United Nations investigators have also been stationed in Mopti as of last week, but they have never received clearance to go to Moura.

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