“Two explosions,” says an official Polish report

The Polish commission of inquiry tasked with investigating the causes of the 2010 plane crash in Russia’s Smolensk that killed President Lech Kaczynski attributed it to two explosions from onboard equipment.

The real cause of the Smolensk disaster was two explosions in the final stages of the flight‘ says his report in particular. Jaroslaw Kaczynski’s Law and Justice (PiS) party, the late president’s twin brother, has been promoting this explosion theory for years, which was ruled out by the previous investigative commission of Donald Tusk’s liberal government.

First hypothesis of a meteorological cause excluded

She attributed the crash of the plane and the death of its 96 occupants on April 10, 2010 to bad weather conditions and the mistakes of Polish pilots and Russian air traffic controllers. The more than 300-page report, published on the Second Committee’s website on Tuesday, suggests explosive devices may have been introduced on board during the plane’s refurbishment in Russia shortly before.

These repairs, according to the commission, were carried out at the Aviakor factories in Samara.at that time owned by the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, a friend of the then Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin“. She uses cautious language and speaks of “possibilities“to place explosives and cause the deflagration”via encrypted radio message at the desired time and place“.

Traces of explosives and false information

The report claims traces of explosives were found on fragments of the plane and cites the recording of the final seconds of the flight showing shock followed by exclamations from the crew. This noise is interpreted by the commission as the first explosion, while for the authors of the first investigation it is the collision of the device with a tree.

The new report also accuses Russian air traffic controllers of thisknowinglytransmitted false information to the Polish pilots. To identify the possible sponsors of the operation, the report mentions a “unlawful interferenceagainst President Kaczynski for his policies against Moscow’s interests.

The term “attackis not mentioned, as Jaroslaw Kaczynski did on Sunday, promising to provide evidence and urging those responsible to “in Poland, but especially in Russiato identify and punish. Moscow is refusing to return the wreck Warsaw has been asking for for years, saying it can only do so after completing its own investigation.

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