Vortex on the termination of Nazan Eckes – so says the broadcaster

Nazan Eckes has been in front of the RTL camera since 1999. Now that should be the end. At least that’s what the newspaper “Bild” says. The broadcaster, on the other hand, sees things differently.

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Difficult times lurk behind Nazan Eckes. Her father passed away just a few weeks ago. A year earlier, the host of RTL had taken a break to be more there for his family. After a four-month hiatus, she returned in April 2021. But now the 45-year-old will finally want to turn her back on the broadcaster and start over from the beginning. This is reported by the newspaper “Bild”.

As the newspaper claims to have learned, Nazan Eckes has resigned. She wanted to leave the station at her own request – and that later this year. However, this has not yet been confirmed. But in the contrary. The broadcaster doesn’t seem to know anything about the moderator’s dismissal. “We cannot confirm that Nazan Eckes is leaving RTL,” said an RTL spokeswoman interviewed by “Bunte”.

He goes on to say, “There are very specific plans for a big theme night with her and for a series of interviews that we are currently working on with Nazan.” It doesn’t feel like a breakup at all. So what about the rumours? Will she still moderate these formats and only then leave?

She started her career at Viva

Nazan Eckes started her career at the broadcaster Viva, in 1999 she moved to RTL. There she first took over the weather moderation of “Guten Abend RTL”. Shows like “Explosive”, “Let’s Dance” and DSDS followed. She also hosted “Point 12”. After Frauke Ludowig, Nazan Eckes is probably one of RTL’s best-known faces.

Nazan Eckes and Birgit Schrowange: Both have been in front of the camera for the RTL magazine “Extra” for years. (Source: Radke / imago images)

The mother of two has been in front of the camera for “Extra – Das RTL-Magazin” since 2008, alternating with Birgit Schrowange until two years ago. She has moderated the format since 1994, but announced in 2019 that she would be quitting. The 64-year-old wanted more time for her private life, it was said at the time. But only two years later the presenter reported, but not on RTL, but on Sat 1.

Will Nazan Eckes change channels after 23 years? As the newspaper “Bild” writes, some employers are interested in the 45-year-old. Rumors about his RTL-Aus come four weeks after his father’s death. Necmettin Üngör suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and died in March at the age of 77.

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