Why Ronaldo will leave Manchester this summer

Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United is clear the reboot has its limitations. So the result seems to be a foregone conclusion.

The controversy that has stirred up the kingdom in recent days and this stroke out ronaldo when he left through the field on Saturday after a defeat Manchester United on Everton’s lawn, it’s not about restoring the image of CR7. If his reunion with the Red Devils lived up to their share of promises in the first half of the season, the story has since run out of steam – as has the performance of the Portuguese star, who is credited with 18 goals this season, with just four in 2022 .

This Monday, the Manchester Evening News (MEN) is therefore reporting on a real dilemma in high places surrounding the former merengue icon. Some clearly want him to leave before the end of a contract that expires in June 2023.” Ronaldo is by far the highest paid player in England but he doesn’t justify his price at the moment. It’s not getting any younger, and it’s hard to imagine this gradual decline suddenly following an inverse curve. It would make a lot of sense for United to sever ties with him this summer and invest in a younger striker “, we can read in the columns of the MEN.

No C1, no CR7

The local paper insists the man concerned is not necessarily compatible with the next announced coach for the Old Trafford residents: Batavian Erik Ten Hag. “ Allowing Ronaldo’s departure would also give the new manager – likely Erik Ten Hag – a fresh start without having to deal with an ego so massive that demands every game be restarted. The Dutchman also enjoys playing with high pressing and fast, flowing football, which Ronaldo doesn’t seem to suit. »

Cristiano Ronaldo had trumpeted his ambition on his return to the club. Make history by helping Manchester achieve great results and win trophies “. It’s already certain that MU will go on for a fifth consecutive season without a title (none since winning the League Cup and Europa League in 2017). Worse, the Red Devils, currently seventh in the Premier League, could possibly become the European Championship not finish. However, without C1 at the key, the CR7-United divorce seems inevitable.

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