1. FC Cologne: Next move? Here are the 5 assets of Steffen Baumgart’s derby – Bundesliga

Who would have seriously believed that last summer? Cologne has not lost a derby this season!

On the contrary: The “small” neighborhood duel against Leverkusen (2:2/1:0) went off successfully at FC. The cult derby against Gladbach won 4-1 in the first leg. It is unthinkable that the return match at Borussia will also be won on Saturday (6:30 p.m., Sky). Then coach Steffen Baumgart (50) and his boys would definitely be the new kings of the Rhineland!

“We go there to win,” says Baumgart. And further: “It’s our motivation and of course an extraordinary match for both clubs!”

For the next shot: These are the 5 assets of the Cologne derby!

bank power

Cologne’s big pound this season: Baumgart’s Joker! The substitutes have totaled ten goals and ten assists so far. The coach has even more choices in Gladbach: Schmitz, Hübers, Andersson and Thielmann return, maybe Schindler too. Partly in the starting XI, partly on the bench. “We have always insisted that we win games through substitutions,” says Baumgart.


It does not work? there are not any ! FC have already taken 17 points behind this season. Like the crazy 3:2 against Mainz, when Cologne was still 0:2 down after 60 minutes, but eventually won 3:2. Dejan Ljubicic (24): “It’s a characteristic of us all season that we never give up. We only look ahead!” Baumgart: “The team continues and doesn’t let go. Even if they don’t play good.”

Doesn't Know Fear: Coach Steffen BaumgartFoto: Andreas Pohl

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Doesn’t Know Fear: Coach Steffen BaumgartPhoto: Andreas Pohl

Return from Özcan

After his replacement against Mainz, Salih Özcan (25) began the turnaround. Rear stabilizer, in front he prepared the winning goal with a powerful header. Baumgart: “At the moment he cannot be replaced.” Özcan plays the most duels at FC (25 on average). Crucial for the passionate derby: In Gladbach, Özcan (88% success rate) has strength again for 90 minutes after a Corona break!

Team spirit

The team remains united in the same way as in the 2016/17 euro year. There are no stinky boots on the team. This is above all the merit of Baumgart: he gives each player the feeling of being needed. “We don’t have an A-Eleven,” he says. The coach also keeps everyone in good spirits with internal bets and games. Luca Kilian (22): “The team is united!”


Even before matches like Bayern or Dortmund, Baumgart makes the announcement: “We want to win!” Cologne always try to play forward – even when things go wrong. The mega euphoria makes this possible: since the victory in Mainz at the latest, the goal of Europe is no longer officially taboo! The players talk about it openly. Internally for weeks. A larger chest is not possible!

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