400,000 players and zombies in a community event

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Action RPG Weird West has surpassed 400,000 players and is hosting a community event to celebrate, bringing the dead back to life. Thus, the world is invaded by a plague that manifests itself in the form of wandering undead. So now players have to defend against zombies.

Devolver Digital’s Weird West is an extremely popular title that lets players play as cowboys and cowgirls from a bird’s eye view. Just under two weeks have passed since the release of the indie hit, and the video game already has a significant number of players. The publisher announced that more than 400,000 players are now roaming the Wild West. Of course, this should be celebrated.

Weird West: Community event celebrates player record

Devolver Digital has announced a new community event that will give Weird West a slightly different spin. Speaking of the story, the editor writes: “Reports are spreading, whispering and shouting that a plague is sweeping Weird West – the dead lie no more and a terrible disease seems to follow them from their graves.” This community event is intended to be the first live event, and more such events will follow in the future.

This is how Devolver Digital plans new events, expansions, travels and encounters. The responsible developer, WolfEye Studios, is also working on free updates, which are also in development. Weird West is currently available on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. On Steam, the community rates it “rather positive” with a rating of 74%. The press gives an average rating of 78 points out of 100.

Source: Devolver Digital press release

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