All of these times, Anne-Sophie Lapix has done her job in the face of politics

TELEVISION – You will not see the face of Anne-Sophie Lapix next Wednesday April 20 at 9 p.m. on France 2. The public service star presenter was barred from moderating the debate between the two rounds of the presidency by the Marine Le Pen teams, who also consider her offensive… An opinion that Emmanuel Macron seems to share, according to his entourage, report The world and The Parisian.

But this refusal is perhaps the nicest compliment to the presenter, showing that she managed to score points with her tenacity and to push politicians from all sides to their limits, as you can see in our video at the top of the article.

Story with Marine Le Pen

As early as 2012, the presenter of the program “Sonntag +” on Canal + pointed out the inconsistencies in the economic calculation of Marine Le Pen’s programme. “I hadn’t prepared this clash, but I find it interesting to see that she doesn’t control the cost of her project,” she confided to our colleagues afterwards the obsHe spent “the week” calculating the National Front candidate’s economic program. A sequence that was then very widely shared on social networks and to this day is the origin of the icy relationships between the two women.

It was also Anne-Sophie Lapix who, last March, “posed the angry question” about the far-right candidate’s ties with Russia, which had just invaded Ukraine at the time. “How do you assert your independence when you owe eight million to Putin’s friends,” she asked, referring to the loan she received from a Russian bank in 2014. So many sequences that prompted the candidate’s teams to challenge the journalist to the debate were confirmed by his lieutenant, Jordan Bardella, on CNews Monday.

The muscular interview of Édouard Philippe in 2020

It’s not just against Marine Le Pen that Anne-Sophie Lapix shows tenacity. The government was able to see this during the health crisis in particular during an eventful interview with Prime Minister Édouard Philippe on March 17, 2020, the day after the first curfew was announced.

“Aren’t we falling behind because we wanted to keep the first round of local elections at all costs,” the journalist had asked in particular, questioning the Prime Minister about “the delay” that France has taken in the fight against the pandemic. She later explained herself at the microphone of Bixente Lizarazu at France Bleu and recounted the intense insults she received after that interview.

An insulting interview that according to our colleagues from World, would have displeased the President so much that he would have distanced himself from France 2. Before the first round, he did not grant the station the slightest interview, which led to misunderstandings and anger in the company of journalists. Also this Wednesday, the SDJ condemned “the pressure exerted by the candidates” to choose the moderators of this famous debate, which was resolutely political, both in form and content.

No candidate spared

For the 2022 presidential campaign, the presenter hosted the program “Élysée 2022” with the head of the political department of France 2 Nathalie Saint-Cricq and the journalist Mohamed Bouhafsi. And she spared no candidate, left or right, pushing them to their limits.

Sometimes with reference to the economic costs of their projects, as with the socialist Anne Hidalgo, sometimes to the ineffectiveness of their proposals. Éric Zemmour and his idea of ​​a premium for rural births paid the price. A pugnacity that may displease the candidates … the spectators less so.

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