AMD Unexpectedly Delivers Microcode Updates for Zen 1 to Zen 3

AMD recently unexpectedly released a microcode update which, in addition to the current generation of Zen 3 processors, also includes predecessors up to the first Zen processors. The code of the old models is growing considerably, the content remains a subject of speculation.

AMD offers customization up to Zen 1

Security vulnerabilities such as Specter and Meltdown have re-emphasized microcode updates in recent years, but apart from these problematic developments, they are also part of the normal maintenance of processor manufacturers’ models. With BIOS tweaks, developers can react to errors and fix them at a deep system level. AMD delivered such an update last Friday, but it’s a little off. In addition to Zen 3, Zen, Zen+ and Zen 2 will also be considered for the first time in a long time.
Zen 1 to 3 receive microcode update
The older CPU models mentioned were last shipped with their own microcode update in December 2019. However, a closer look at the shipped packages reveals an interesting detail: the update just shipped is relatively large and allows the package to grow from 6476 bytes to 9700 bytes. However, as explained by Phoronix, which was first to report the changes, the size of the 19h (Zen3) family remains unchanged.

Unfortunately only speculation is possible

In the absence of a public changelog and a proper announcement from AMD, the meaning and function of the update remains the subject of speculation at this time. It can probably be assumed with a high degree of probability that the developers have combined several improvements into one update. In addition, it is not excluded that AMD will provide the entire Zen family with security adjustments.

As usual, most users can only wait for an OS update. Anyone who dares to update the BIOS depends on a reaction from the motherboard manufacturer.

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Processor, Cpu, Chip, SoC, Amd, Architecture, APU, Zen 2, AMD Zen 2, Zen2

Processor, Cpu, Chip, SoC, Amd, Architecture, APU, Zen 2, AMD Zen 2, Zen2

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