Benjamin Castaldi upset that he was forgotten at M6 35th anniversary party (VIDEO)

This Tuesday, April 12, in TPMPBenjamin Castaldi shared his regret at not having been invited to the special program celebrating the 35th anniversary of M6, a channel for which he hosted some of the most important programs.

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M6 was launched in 1987 and celebrated its 35th anniversary on March 1st. An anniversary that the small, up-and-coming channel celebrated with great fanfare by broadcasting a special evening this Monday, April 11, where its emblematic animators were invited in skits Scenes of households. Viewers could see Cyril Lignac, Marianne James, Sophie Ferjani, Cristina Cordula or even Julien Courbet as actors. Philippe Etchebest also joined the celebration by stepping into the shoes of a character who was afraid of the idea of ​​getting married. Another anti-employment role, that of Bernard de La Villardière, who donned a rocker’s leather jacket.

“They do not like me”

On the other hand, one person who did not receive an invitation to the M6 ​​anniversary is Benjamin Castaldi. The former landlord was a bit annoyed attic story – the channel’s cult show – expressed his disappointment on his Instagram account and posted in his stories: “Happy birthday M6. Thank you for these beautiful years … I will not forget you … you, obviously, it’s already over”. A message full of irony that has not escaped Cyril Hanouna. This Tuesday, April 12, in Do not touch My TVhe came back to the subject and asked his columnist why he had not been invited. “I think they don’t like me or they don’t like me anymore”, he replies confused. The troublemaker replies that he is wrong, but the former landlord of new star Coward: “If you love me, there is a problem!”

“I did the most famous show on the channel”

Benjamin Castaldi then hypothesizes about this non-invitation. “We broke up a bit abruptly, I think some resentment is still there”he explains before admitting that he doesn’t know. Annoyed, he then grabs M6: “Maybe they forgot about me. I didn’t do enough shows that worked on the channel.”. The one in charge attic story and new startwo of M6’s great successes, regretted having been erased from its history: It’s funny not being invited“. It’s all the more bitter “that there was everyone, even Nagui, who started on the channel 30 years ago”. But the family man eventually becomes a philosopher: “The truth is I think it serves them more than me. Don’t invite me to M6 if I’ve still done some great shows including some of the most famous on the channelit’s not very good for her”. Before ending with a “I, I don’t care” closed.

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