Camille Santoro (extended families): One of his sons destroys a house wall, photo of his stupidity

School holidays are currently in Zone B. An area to which the Santoro family belongs Large families, life in XXL (TF1). Camille and Nicolas therefore have the pleasure of staying with their children Alessio (10 years old), Nino (9 years old), Emie (8 years old), the twins Mattia and Maé (4 years old) and Alba (1 year old). . But on April 12, 2022, not everything went as planned.

The young woman of 30 not only shares her everyday life in the documentary reality of TF1. Camille Santoro also likes to tell it on social networks. She revealed that her pretty tribe is on spring break and her rhythm has been completely turned upside down. “Goal of the day to keep the kids busy. There’s the sun, so it’s ok“, she confided. But we have to think that the kids were a little too excited since they did something stupid, as she revealed in the story.

Camille Santoro actually posted a photo where we can see one Part of a destroyed wall. And the culprit is none other than Maé. “childish stupidity‘ the beautiful blonde initially wrote in the caption for the publication. She then clarified: “Staff 0 – 1 Maé.“. We understand, therefore, that the little boy had to tear off the curtain rod, creating an imposing hole.

This will allow Camille Santoro to “happen [sa] Life on decoration places” to go looking for a new rod and why not find other decorative elements so that this hole is just a bad memory.

With six children at home, the Santoro parents never get bored. In addition, Camille has developed her brand of children’s pajamas called 10 Novembre. For this she has to make several trips to Paris to oversee the production. So she’s currently doing everything she can to wean her daughter Alba, as she recently confided to Story. “I have breastfed her since birth but I try to wean her or bottle feed her very gently. I want to gently accompany Alba to the bottle so that it is more comfortable for her and me while I’m away. I have to move, monitor the production. For her comfort, she would be better off at home now that Nicolas is able to keep her. Because that’s where I take them with me anytime and anywhere at the moment. In Paris all the time. In the end it’s not life, neither for her nor for me‘ she said in particular.

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